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Renaming a Package

The following guide will step you through the process of renaming a package you have submitted to Package Control.

1. Review the New Name

2. Fork the Channel

  1. Fork the Package Control Channel.
  2. Clone your fork to your machine
  3. Open the package_control_channel/ folder with Sublime Text

3. Update the Repository

  1. Remove your package entry from its old location. It will be in one of the JSON files in the repository/ sub-folder of package_control_channel/.
  2. Paste the package entry into the correct JSON file based on the new name. We keep package entries alphabetized to reduce conflicts when merging pull requests.
  3. Update the name key with the new name.
  4. Add a previous_names key to the top-level JSON structure for your package. previous_names needs to be an array of strings. For example:

    	"name": "AlignmentPlus",
    	"previous_names": ["Alignment"],
    	"details": "https://bitbucket.org/wbond/sublime_alignment",
    	"releases": [
    			"sublime_text": "*",
    			"tags": true

4. Run the Tests

  1. Install the ChannelRepositoryTools package via Package Control.
  2. Run the ChannelRepositoryTools: Test Default Channel command from the command palette and ensure the tests pass.

5. Submit a Pull Request

  1. Browse to your fork on github.com
  2. Click on Pull Requests in the right-hand nav and click New Pull Request
  3. Enter a description in the Title field
  4. Click the Create pull request button