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Say Thanks

Package Control is completely free to use, the code is open source, and I provide hosting for the default channel and this website. Donations from users help pay bills and allow me dedicate time to the continued development and support of this project.

However, money is not the only way to support the project. If you‘ve found Package Control useful, feel free to send me a tweet or a a star.


Recurring monthly donations, of even small amounts, are extremely appreciated! A recurring donation of $2.50 puts over $2 in my pocket (after fees). With hundreds of thousands of daily users, I am hopeful that users will be so generous as to give the equivalent of a coffee or beer each month.

Donate Bitcoin

Finally, I want to say a huge thank you for all of the previous donations I have received! Over the past four years, I have received close to $8,000 that have gone towards server costs, a Mac for cross-platform testing and a healthy supply of caffeine for myself and my family.


Currently I am seeking support from the community via recurring and one time donations, plus relevant affiliate opportunities. If you have a product that you think Package Control users may benefit from, please email me.


A couple of times in the history of the project I have solicited donations. These go to cover the costs related to the server and my own time in supporting the project, since I am self-employed. For a while I also worked with an ad network to help provide some income from the project. While it was open to individuals, I also accepted donations via Gittip/Gratipay.

I made the decision to remove ads when I started getting pressured to prioritize ads, with the final straw being an unexpected 50% cut in rate. Gratipay pivoted to team-based projects, and the last thing I need is adminitrative work managing a team of people across the globe.