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Sublime Text plugin for Ceedling C unit testing framework



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Ceedling for Sublime Text 3+

Ceedling is a set of tools and libraries for testing and building C applications. This package adds support to Sublime Text 3+ for developing C applications using Ceedling.

Important Note

Ceedling for Sublime Text 3+ contains breaking changes with the original Sublime Text 2 version and no longer supports invoking commands using rake.

This reflects changed behaviour introduced in v0.28.1 of the Ceedling gem:

Using a modern version of Ceedling means that you issue commands like ceedling test:all instead of rake test:all. If you have a continuous integration server or other calling service, it may need to be updated to comply.

Similarly, older versions of Ceedling actually placed a rakefile in the project directory, allowing the project to customize its own flow. For the most part this went unused and better ways were later introduced. At this point, the rakefile is more trouble than its worth and often should just be removed.

Refer to CeedlingUpgrade.md for details.


To use the Ceedling plugin you'll need: - Ruby version supported by Ceedling (3.0.x recommended) - GCC compiler for default builds - Ceedling 0.28.1 or later (tested with 0.31.1)

The project Wiki has additional information on installing requirements.



The preferred method of installing the Ceedling for ST3+ plugin is using Package Control.

With Package Control installed:

  • Open the command palette
  • Select Package Control: Install Packages
  • Type Ceedling
  • Click the package listing to install.

Unity test assert completions are now provided by the Unity Test Completions package. This package is a recommended install.

To install both packages in one step: - Open the command palatte - Select Package Control: Advanced Install Packages - Enter Ceedling, Unity Test Completions - Hit return/enter

When you launch Sublime Text, it will pick up the contents of these package so that you can consume the goodness they provide.


New Project

New Project comes in two flavours.

  • The default Ceedling: New Project is basic install containing project.yml, src and test folders.
  • Ceedling: New Project (Local) adds a ceedling executable script, and a vendor directory which contains the current version of the Ceedling framework.

Creating a New Project

  1. Open the command palette (Tools > Command Palette) and type cnp to narrow down the options.
  2. Select Ceedling: New Project or Ceedling: New Project (Local)
  3. A new window will open
  4. Enter project folder location in the panel.

    For example ~/projects/drsurly will create a project folder drsurly within the projects folder.\ ~ expands to the current user home directory.

  5. Hit return/enter.

The project folder should open in the current window .

Customising New Project creation

The default parent folder for new projects is set to ~ by default.

To change the default folder open the Ceedling settings Preferences » Package Settings » Ceedling » Settings.

Add the following entry to User Settings, update the path as desired, then save.

    "default_project_folder": "~/path/to/parent/folder/",
    "project_options": ["--gitignore", "--docs"]

project_options provides additional control over project creation.

Options are disabled by default. Adding an option to project_options will enable.

--docs  "Add docs in project vendor directory"

--local  "Create a copy of Ceedling in the project vendor directory"

--gitignore  "Create a gitignore file for ignoring ceedling generated files"

--no_configs  "Don't install starter configuration files"

Adding Ceedling to existing projects

The New Project module can be used to add Ceedling support to exisiting source code.\ Existing files and folders are not overwritten or modified in the process.\ Use the path of the existing project when prompted for the location.

Create New Module

The Create New Module command now uses paths relative to the project folder.

Specifying basename will generate the files test/test_basename.c, src/basename.h and src/basename.c by default.

Additional naming schemes are supported using an abbreviated format identifiers:

Abbreviation Naming Scheme Files
src header, source, test (default) 3
test test file only 1
mch model, conductor, hardware 9
mvp model, view, presenter 9
dhi driver, hardware, interrupt 9
dh driver, hardware 6

mch, mvp, dhi and dh schemes generate header, source and test files for each of the named modules.

Running tests

The Sublime Text build system is used to run all tests.

From Tools » Build System menu select Ceedling as the build system for the project.

Variant Ceedling Task Notes
Default test:filename Test current module
Test All test:all Test all modules
Test Changes test:delta Test changed modules
Test Build only test:build_only Build all without testing
Clean and Test file clean test:filename
Release release The release config is disabled in new project.yml.

Select variants using Control-Shift-B (Windows, Linux) /Command-Shift-B (macOS).

Run last selected build variant using Control-B (Windows, Linux) / Command-B(macOS).


Command Name Description
Ceedling: New Project ceedling new name
Ceedling: New Project (Local) ceedling --local new name
Ceedling: Clean Project ceedling clean
Ceedling: Clobber Project ceedling clobber Removes all generated files including logs
Ceedling: Create New Module ceedling create:module name
Ceedling: Destroy Current Module Closes all views for test, source and header files associated with current file then calls ceedling destroy:module name
Ceedling: Open Module Header Opens header for current module
Ceedling: Open Module Source Opens source for current module
Ceedling: Open Module Test Open test for current module
Ceedling: Open Next Module File Cycle through header, source and test for current module
Ceedling: Open Module Files Open test, source, header files for the currently active file in 2 column layout
Ceedling: Toggle Logging Toggle current logging setting
Ceedling: Toggle Verbose Toggle verbose output
Ceedling: Edit Project Configuration Opens project.yml
Ceedling: Test Summary Print summary of previously run tests
Ceedling: Version Print version information for ceedling used in current project.
Ceedling: Environment Display ENV variables set by ceedling

Key mappings

Note: key mappings are disabled by default.

Key command Function
ctrl+super-h Open Header File
ctrl+super-s Open Source File
ctrl+super-t Open Test File
ctrl+super-. Open Module Files in 2 column layout
ctrl+super-right Cycle through module files

To use these key mappings go to Preferences » Package Settings » Ceedling » Key Bindings. Copy the commented bindings from the left panel to the User Default.sublime-keymap on the right and uncomment by selecting then Edit » Comments » Toggle Block Comments.

See the Key Bindings documetation for more information on setting key assignments.


Unity test snippets are now provided by the Unity Test Completions package. The package provides 467 snippets covering 99.79% of Unity tests.

Unity Test Completions package can be installed using PackageControl. - Unity Test Completions