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Yii​2 Snippets

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Yii2 snippets for Sublime Text

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Sublime Text Yii2 Snippets

Useful Yii2 snippets for Sublime text



There are several methods to install package.

  1. Search for Yii2 Snippets on Package Control.

  2. Clone the repository into your Sublime Text 2/3 packages directory. git clone https://github.com/psy-man/yii2-snippets.git Note: You can find your packages directory by going to Preferences -> Browse Packages.


Method Snippet code
t Yt
setAlias Ysa
getAlias Yga


Method Snippet code
encode He
a Ha
mailto Hmail
img Himg
label Hl
button Hb
submitButton Hsb
resetButton Hrb
input Hi
submitInput Hsi
resetInput Hri
textInput Hti
hiddenInput Hhi
passwordInput Hpi
fileInput Hfi
textarea Hta
radio Hrd
checkbox Hcb
dropDownList Hdl
listBox Hlb
checkboxList Hcbl
radioList Hrdl
activeLabel Hal
activeHint Hah
errorSummary Hes
error Herr
activeInput Hai
activeTextInput Hati
activeHiddenInput Hahi
activePasswordInput Hapi
activeFileInput Hafi
activeTextarea Hata
activeRadio Hard
activeCheckbox Hacb
activeDropDownList Hadl
activeListBox Halb
activeCheckboxList Hacbl
activeRadioList Hardl


Method Snippet code
textInput AFti
hiddenInput AFhi
passwordInput AFpi
fileInput AFfi
textarea AFta
radio AFrd
checkbox AFcb
dropDownList AFdl
listBox AFlb
checkboxList AFcbl
radioList AFrdl
widget AFw


Method Snippet code
toArray AHta
merge AHm
getValue AHgv
remove AHr
index AHi
getColumn AHgc
map AHmap
keyExists AHke
multisort AHsort
htmlEncode AHe


Method Snippet code
normalizePath FHnp
localize FHl
getMimeType FHgmt
getMimeTypeByExtension FHgmtbe
getExtensionsByMimeType FHgebmt
copyDirectory FHcpd
removeDirectory FHrd
findFiles FHff
filterPath FHfp
createDirectory FHcd


Method Snippet code
toRoute Utr
to Ut
base Ub
remember Ur
previous Up
current Uc
home Uh
isRelative Uir


Method Snippet code
encode Je
htmlEncode Jhe
decode Jd


Method Snippet code
byteLength SHbl
byteSubstr SHbs
basename SHbn
dirname SHdn
truncate SHtr
truncateWords SHtrw
startsWith SHsw
endsWith SHew
explode SHexp


Method Snippet code
resolve Rres
headers Rh
method Rm
isGet Rig
isOptions Rio
isHead Rih
isPost Rip
isDelete Rid
isPut Riput
isPatch Ripatch
isAjax Ria
isPjax Ripj
isFlash Rif
rawBody Rrb
setRawBody Rsrb
bodyParams Rbps
setBodyParams Rsbps
getBodyParam Rbp
post Rp
queryParams Rqps
setQueryParams Rsqps
get Rg
getQueryParam Rqp
hostInfo Rhi
setHostInfo Rshi
baseUrl Rbu
setBaseUrl Rsbu
absoluteUrl Rau
url Ru
setUrl Rsu
queryString Rqs
isSecureConnection Risc
serverName Rsm
serverPort Rsp
referrer Rref
userAgent Rua
userIP Ruip
userHost Ruh
cookies Rcook
getCsrfToken Rcsrf
csrfTokenFromHeader Rcsrfh
validateCsrfToken Rcsrfv


Method Snippet code
identity Ui
switchIdentity Usi
login Ul
loginByAccessToken Ulbat
logout Ulogout
isGuest Uig
id Uid
getReturnUrl Ugru
setReturnUrl Usru
loginRequired Ulr
can Ucan


Method Snippet code
open Sop
close Scl
destroy Sdesr
isActive Sia
hasSessionId Shsi
setHasSessionId Sshsi
id Sid
setId Ssid
regenerateID Srgid
name Sname
setName Ssname
savePath Ssp
setSavePath Sssp
cookieParams Scp
setCookieParams Sscp
useCookies Suc
setUseCookies Ssuc
openSession Sos
closeSession Scs
readSession Sread
writeSession Swrite
destroySession Sdestroy
count Scount
get Sget
set Sset
remove Sremove
removeAll SremoveAll
has Shas
getFlash Sfl
addFlash Safl
setFlash Ssfl
removeFlash Srfl
removeAllFlashes Srafl
hasFlash Shfl


Method Snippet code
buildKey Cbk
get Cg
exists Ce
mget Cmg
set Cs
mset Cms
madd Cma
add Ca
delete Cd
flush Cf
offsetExists Coe
offsetGet Cog
offsetSet Cos
offsetUnset Cou

Active Record

Method Snippet code
find Mf
find-all Ma
find-one Mo
find-count Mc
find-exists Me
find-max Mmax
find-min Mmin
model-findOne Mfo
model-findAll Mfa
model-findBySql Mbs
model-updateAll Mua
model-updateAllCounters Muac
model-deleteAll Mda

Displaying Data

Method Snippet code
ListView Lw
GridView Gw
GridView Column Gwc
LinkPager Lp
echo translate Yte
HtmlPurifier HPp

Base Yii

Method Snippet code
user Yu
controller Yc
action Ya
params Yp
end Ye


Method Snippet code
registerJs Yrj
registerJsFile Yrjf
registerCss Yrc
registerCssFile Yrcf
registerMetaTag Yrmt


Method Snippet code
render RD
renderHtml RDh
renderPartial RDp
renderAjax RDa


Method Snippet code
behaviors Beh
TimestampBehavior Beht
SluggableBehavior Behs
BlameableBehavior Behb

Validation rules

Method Snippet code
required Vr
email Ve
trim Vt
default Vd
boolean Vb
captcha Vcapt
compare Vcomp
date Vdt
double Vdb
each Veach
exist Vex
file Vf
in Vin
integer Vi
number Vn
match Vc
safe Vsf
string Vs
unique Vuni
url Vu

Database Migration

Method Snippet code
execute DMe
createTable DMct
dropTable DMdt
truncateTable DMtt
renameTable DMrt
addColumn DMac
dropColumn DMdc
renameColumn DMrc
alterColumn DMalc
addPrimaryKey DMapk
dropPrimaryKey DMdpk
addForeignKey DMafk
dropForeignKey DMdfk
createIndex DMci
dropIndex DMdi
insert DMi
batchInsert DMbi
update DMu
delete DMd

Database Schema

Method Snippet code
primaryKey DSpk
bigPrimaryKey DSbpk
string DSs
text DSt
smallInteger DSsi
integer DSi
bigInteger DSbi
float DSf
double DSd
decimal DSdc
money DSm
dateTime DSdt
timestamp DSts
time DStime
date DSdt
boolean DSbool
binary DSbin


Method Snippet code
ActiveDataProvider Adp
transaction Tra


  • Add ListView, GridView and ect…
  • Add cache
  • Add “render” snippets
  • Add find model with params
  • Add DataProvider
  • Add default behaviors (TimestampBehavior and ect…)
  • Add validation rules
  • Add DB Migration


Yii2 Snippets is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.


If you have any ideas how to improve this package or you found any errors, please contact me via Github.