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  • npm-install

    by fcannizzaro ST3 56K Installs
    sublime package to auto install/uninstall npm modules, show current status, open npmjs documentation.
  • PHP Snippets

    by Mombuyish 22K Installs
    sublime snippets is powerful function, customize some snippets to create PHP useful method and class
  • LSP-html

    by sublimelsp ST3 6K Installs
    HTML support for Sublime's LSP plugin
  • Color Scheme - Sleeplessmind

    by godbout 39K Installs
    Sleeplessmind (Dark) Color Theme for Sublime Text 2/3/4
  • ProjectManager

    by randy3k ST3 65K Installs
    Project Manager for Sublime Text
  • EditorConfig

    by sindresorhus 211K Installs
    Sublime Text plugin for EditorConfig - Helps developers maintain consistent coding styles between different editors
  • Highlighter

    by bluegray 75K Installs
    Sublime Text plugin to highlight any sequence of characters. Highlights mixed tabs and spaces, some unicode characters and trailing space by default.
  • SublimeLinter-json

    by SublimeLinter ST3 144K Installs
    SublimeLinter plugin for JSON.
  • Terraform

    by alexlouden 58K Installs
    Terraform (HCL) configuration file syntax highlighting for Sublime Text 2 and 3
  • SublimeLinter-jshint

    by SublimeLinter ST3 Top 100 384K Installs
    SublimeLinter plugin for JavaScript, using jshint.
  • Markdown HTML Preview

    by zeyon 80K Installs
    Markdown HTML Preview for Sublime Text 2/3
  • Gutter Color

    by ggordan ST3 105K Installs
    A Sublime Text 3 plugin which displays a colour in the gutter if the line contains a colour.
  • LSP-file-watcher-chokidar

    by sublimelsp ST4 2K Installs
    Chokidar-based file watcher implementation for LSP
  • VBScript

    by SublimeText 84K Installs
    VBScript package for Sublime Text
  • Phpcs

    by benmatselby Top 100 421K Installs
    🔍 PHP CodeSniffer, PHP Coding Standard Fixer, Linter and Mess Detector Support for Sublime Text
  • Insert Nums

    by jbrooksuk, FichteFoll 32K Installs
    Sublime Text plugin for inserting sequences. Supporting alphanumerics and hex, with bitwise operations!
  • Formatter

    by bitst0rm-pub ST3 98K Installs
    A Sublime Text 3 plugin to beautify and minify source code
  • Pawn syntax

    by Southclaws 32K Installs
    Pawn language settings for Sublime Text 3. Copied from C++ but with Pawn language and SA:MP specific modifications.
  • Rust Enhanced

    by rust-lang ST3 98K Installs
    The official Sublime Text 3 package for the Rust Programming Language
  • CodeIgniter Utilities

    by RoverWire 83K Installs
    CodeIgniter utilities and library snippets for Sublime Text Editor
  • VueFormatter

    by keven 116K Installs
    formate your vue code
  • WordCount

    by titoBouzout ST3 117K Installs
    Real-time Word, Char, Line and Page counter, in the status-bar for the document, line or selection. Sublime Text. A fork of titoBouzout's original repo so that it can be submitted to Package Control.
  • Tailwind CSS

    by SublimeText ST4 6K Installs
    A Sublime Text CSS syntax extension with support for Tailwind CSS
  • LESS

    by danro Top 100 688K Installs
    LESS syntax highlighting for Sublime Text.
  • Nodejs

    by tanepiper, varp ST3 Top 100 358K Installs
    nodejs snippets and bindings for Sublime Text 3