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  • Djaneiro

    by squ1b3r ST3 186K Installs
    Django support for Sublime Text 2/3
  • LSP-json

    by sublimelsp ST3 12K Installs
    Schema validation/completions for your JSON and Sublime files
  • ConvertChineseCharacters

    by leibnizli ST3 62K Installs
    Plugin for Sublime text for convert chinese characters, allowing you to convert your .js, .json, and .css files.
  • All Autocomplete

    by alienhard Top 25 1.06M Installs
    Extend Sublime autocompletion to find matches in all open files of the current window
  • Emmet Style Reflector

    by Ermes Enea Colella ST3 Top 100 286K Installs
    Reflect Emmet HTML expansion in Sass/LESS
  • AutoHotkey

    by ahkscript 55K Installs
    AutoHotkey AHK language package for SublimeText including syntax highlighting, comments toggling, auto-completions, build system definitions, commands for ahkrun, ahkcompile, ahkrunpiped.
  • SublimeLinter-json

    by SublimeLinter ST3 145K Installs
    SublimeLinter plugin for JSON.
  • Theme - Spacegray

    by SublimeText Top 100 499K Installs
    A Hyperminimal UI Theme for Sublime Text
  • Debugger

    by daveleroy ST4 13K Installs
    Graphical Debugger for sublime text for debuggers that support the debug adapter protocol
  • Emmet

    by emmetio ST3 Top 25 5.83M Installs
    The essential toolkit for web-developers
  • AutoFileName

    by liamcain Top 25 1.53M Installs
    Sublime Text plugin that autocompletes filenames
  • EasyClangComplete

    by niosus ST3 46K Installs
    :boom: Robust C/C++ code completion for Sublime Text 3/4
  • Diffy

    by zsong 129K Installs
    A sublime plugin to show difference between 2 files. It supports both Sublime 2 and 3.
  • ayu

    by dempfi Top 100 466K Installs
    🎨🖌 Modern Sublime Text theme
  • gruvbox

    by Briles ST3 52K Installs
    🎨 Sublime Text themes & color schemes with pastel 'retro groove' colors
  • CodeFormatter

    by Avtandil Kikabidze aka LONGMAN Top 100 312K Installs
    Code Formatter plugin for ST2/ST3
  • LESS

    by danro Top 100 689K Installs
    LESS syntax highlighting for Sublime Text.
  • Devastate

    by vlakarados 27K Installs
    Ultra dark theme and color scheme for Sublime Text
  • JsonTree

    by Flyclops ST3 78K Installs
    Sublime Text plugin for browsing a JSON document via tree view
  • Browser Sync

    by iamdjones ST3 118K Installs
    a plugin for launching Browser Sync from Sublime Text 3
  • Monokai - Spacegray

    by pyoio 112K Installs
    Monokai themes for Sublime matching Spacegray (dark and eighties) backgrounds
  • SideBarMenuAdvanced

    by wisdman ST3 29K Installs
    Custom Sublime Text 3 SideBar context menu
  • Monokai++

    by dcasella 69K Installs
    A modern Monokai theme for Sublime Text 3 and Visual Studio Code
  • JsPrettier

    by jonlabelle 164K Installs
    JsPrettier is a Sublime Text Plug-in for Prettier, the opinionated code formatter.
  • LSP-typescript

    by sublimelsp ST3 19K Installs
    TypeScript, JavaScript support for Sublime LSP plugin