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  • Protobuf Syntax Hightlighting

    by VcamX ST3 21K Installs
    More accurate and powerful syntax highlighting for Protocol Buffers
  • SublimeREPL

    by wuub Top 25 979K Installs
    SublimeREPL - run an interpreter inside ST2 (Clojure, CoffeeScript, F#, Groovy, Haskell, Lua, MozRepl, NodeJS, Python + virtualenv, R, Ruby, Scala...)
  • NASM x86 Assembly

    by Nessphoro 37K Installs
    Provides actually decent code highlighting for x86-64 assembly in Sublime Text
  • Monokai++

    by dcasella 41K Installs
    A modern Monokai theme for Sublime Text 3 and Visual Studio Code
  • Icon Fonts

    by idleberg 61K Installs
    Completions for popular icon fonts such as Font Awesome, Glyphicons and many more!
  • Laravel Blade Spacer

    by austenc 62K Installs
    Automatically adds spaces between laravel blade templating markers
  • WordCount

    by titoBouzout ST3 96K Installs
    Real-time Word, Char, Line and Page counter, in the status-bar for the document, line or selection. Sublime Text. A fork of titoBouzout's original repo so that it can be submitted to Package Control.
  • Liquid

    by braver ST3 34K Installs
    Shopify Liquid syntax highlighting for Sublime Text
  • SCSS Compiler

    by mattarnster 38K Installs
    A quick-use plugin for compiling the selected SCSS to CSS.
  • RegReplace

    by facelessuser ST3 38K Installs
    Simple find and replace sequencer plugin for Sublime Text http://facelessuser.github.io/RegReplace/
  • Laravel Blade AutoComplete

    by ahmedash95 59K Installs
    Laravel Blade Autocomplete
  • C++ Starting Kit

    by kodLite 61K Installs
    C, C++ and C++11 combined and improved syntax highlighting support for Sublime Text.
  • ColorHelper

    by facelessuser ST3 51K Installs
    Sublime plugin that provides helpful color tooltips
  • SublimeLinter-contrib-eslint_d

    by roadhump ST3 35K Installs
    This linter plugin for SublimeLinter provides an interface to eslint_d
  • 10% Too Dull for My Tastes Color Scheme

    by scotch-io Top 100 365K Installs
    For fun Color Scheme by Scotch.io for your Sublime Text 3 Editor
  • Git

    by kemayo Top 25 1.07M Installs
    Plugin for some git integration into sublime text
  • sublime-github

    by bgreenlee 55K Installs
    Sublime Text 2/3 plugin that provides a number of useful commands for GitHub.
  • Colorsublime

    by Colorsublime ST3 Top 100 343K Installs
    Plugin for Color Sublime
  • SideBarTools

    by braver ST3 55K Installs
    Duplicate or compare files and copy paths from the Side Bar in Sublime Text 3
  • PHP Snippets

    by Mombuyish 9K Installs
    sublime snippets is powerful function, customize some snippets to create PHP useful method and class
  • Auto Close HTML Tags

    by sh4nks 71K Installs
    A simple Sublime Text Plugin that auto closes HTML tags right after '>'.
  • PackageResourceViewer

    by skuroda Top 100 278K Installs
    Sublime Text plugin to view package resources.
  • Emmet

    by emmetio ST3 Top 25 5.03M Installs
    The essential toolkit for web-developers
  • Github Color Theme

    by AlexanderEkdahl 38K Installs
    Similar syntax highlighting to GitHub
  • SCSS

    by MarioRicalde Top 100 573K Installs
    The TextMate SCSS Official Bundle. Now Compatible with SublimeText2.