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  • RuboCop

    by pderichs 31K Installs
    A Sublime Text RuboCop plugin.
  • Sublimerge Pro

    by Borys Forytarz 155K Installs
    Side-by-side diff & merge tool to compare files and directories. Work with differences between text and revisions. Supports Git, SVN, Mercurial and command line. Primarily for ST2. ST3 users should install even more feature-rich Sublimerge 3.
  • MarkdownLivePreview

    by math2001 ST3 146K Installs
    A Sublime Text 3 plugin to preview your markdown as you type
  • nginx

    by brandonwamboldt 86K Installs
    Improved syntax support for Nginx configuration files
  • Tagify

    by maciej-zuk 73K Installs
    Put tags in your code
  • Indent XML

    by alek-sys Top 100 362K Installs
    Plugin for Sublime Text editor for reindenting XML and JSON files
  • Dark Neon Color Scheme

    by RainyDayMedia 26K Installs
    Dark Neon theme for Sublime Text, Mou, & Others
  • Git blame

    by frou ST3 38K Installs
    Show Git blame information while viewing a file in Sublime Text
  • PHP Codebeautifier

    by Ennosuke 122K Installs
    This is a plugin for Sublime Text 3 that gives the option to run the phpcbf
  • Keymaps

    by MiroHibler ST3 31K Installs
    Find a keymap for... and show all enabled keymaps in a Cheat Sheet.
  • Language - French - Français

    by superbob 67K Installs
    French Spelling Language for Sublime Text - Dicionnaire Français pour Sublime Text
  • WordPress Completions

    by kallookoo 54K Installs
    Sublime Text WordPress Package
  • LaTeXYZ

    by randy3k 12K Installs
    Better LaTeX experience with Sublime Text
  • ActualVim

    by lunixbochs ST3 23K Installs
    Sublime Text 3 input mode using Neovim. Issues are closed, feel free to submit Pull Requests if you have bug fixes however.
  • JsonTree

    by Flyclops ST3 67K Installs
    Sublime Text plugin for browsing a JSON document via tree view
  • Find PHP Vulnerabilities

    by WangYihang 4K Installs
    :bug: A plug-in of sublime 2/3 which is able to find PHP vulnerabilities
  • Codecs33

    by seanliang ST3 MacLinux 131K Installs
    CJK library files missing in the embedded Python of Sublime Text 3
  • PHP-Twig

    by Anomareh 120K Installs
    A TextMate (and Sublime Text) bundle for Twig.
  • CodeIgniter 4 Snippets

    by mpmont 4K Installs
    Codeigniter 4 snippets for Sublime Text 3
  • PHP CS Fixer

    by adael 22K Installs
    Run php-cs-fixer code formatter to format php code from your favorite text editor
  • Vue Syntax Highlight

    by vuejs Top 100 432K Installs
    💡 Sublime Text syntax highlighting for single-file Vue components
  • PHPSnippets

    by gerardroche 110K Installs
    PHP snippets for Sublime Text.
  • Babel Snippets

    by babel 171K Installs
    Next generation JavaScript and React snippets for Sublime
  • WakaTime

    by wakatime 66K Installs
    Sublime Text 2 & 3 plugin for automatic time tracking and metrics generated from your programming activity.
  • ColorSchemeEditor

    by bobef 65K Installs
    "Real-time" color scheme editor plugin for Sublime Text 2/3.