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  • CppFastOlympicCoding

    by Jatana ST3 14K Installs
    Tools for competitive programming for Sublime Text 3
  • Gofmt

    by noonat ST3 18K Installs
    Sublime plugin to run gofmt (or goimports, or whatever you want).
  • AutoFileName

    by liamcain Top 25 1.44M Installs
    Sublime Text plugin that autocompletes filenames
  • Indent XML

    by alek-sys Top 100 394K Installs
    Plugin for Sublime Text editor for reindenting XML and JSON files
  • Anaconda

    by DamnWidget ST3 Top 100 904K Installs
    Anaconda turns your Sublime Text 3 in a full featured Python development IDE including autocompletion, code linting, IDE features, autopep8 formating, McCabe complexity checker Vagrant and Docker support for Sublime Text 3 using Jedi, PyFlakes, pep8, MyPy, PyLint, pep257 and McCabe that will never freeze your Sublime Text 3
  • Sass

    by braver Top 25 1.21M Installs
    Sass and SCSS syntax for Sublime Text
  • Theme - Flatland

    by thinkpixellab Top 100 283K Installs
    Flatland is a simple theme and accompanying color scheme for Sublime Text 2.
  • subl-comment-snippets

    by hachesilva 837 Installs
    Sublime Text snippets to create fancy PHP, CSS and HTML comments.
  • Emmet

    by emmetio ST3 Top 25 5.58M Installs
    The essential toolkit for web-developers
  • SublimeLinter-pycodestyle

    by SublimeLinter ST3 31K Installs
    SublimeLinter plugin for python, using pycodestyle.
  • CPP Competitive Programming Snippets

    by MeghaSharma21 5K Installs
    Sublime Snippets for improving the coding experience while doing competitive programming in C++.
  • CodeIgniter Utilities

    by RoverWire 81K Installs
    CodeIgniter utilities and library snippets for Sublime Text Editor
  • Blade Snippets

    by dev4dev 146K Installs
    Snippets for blade template engine
  • Swift

    by quiqueg 83K Installs
    A Sublime Text package for the Swift programming language
  • One Dark Material - Theme

    by huszerldani 183K Installs
    Sublime Text 3 Theme based on Atom.io One Dark UI Theme and created from Material Theme for ST3.
  • Terraform

    by alexlouden 50K Installs
    Terraform (HCL) configuration file syntax highlighting for Sublime Text 2 and 3
  • LiveStyle

    by livestyle 184K Installs
    LiveStyle plugin for Sublime Text
  • AlignTab

    by randy3k 158K Installs
    An alignment plugin for Sublime Text using regular expression
  • JavaScript Completions

    by pichillilorenzo Top 100 574K Installs
    JavaScript Completions for sublime text. It helps you to write your scripts more quickly with hints and completions.
  • Monokai - Spacegray

    by pyoio 107K Installs
    Monokai themes for Sublime matching Spacegray (dark and eighties) backgrounds
  • rainbow_csv

    by mechatroner ST3 28K Installs
    🌈Rainbow CSV - Sublime Text Package: Highlight columns in CSV and TSV files and run queries in SQL-like language
  • JsPrettier

    by jonlabelle 142K Installs
    JsPrettier is a Sublime Text Plug-in for Prettier, the opinionated code formatter.
  • Nodejs

    by tanepiper, varp ST3 Top 100 349K Installs
    nodejs snippets and bindings for Sublime Text 3
  • Auto Close HTML Tags

    by sh4nks 92K Installs
    A simple Sublime Text Plugin that auto closes HTML tags right after '>'.
  • React IDE

    by turadg 108K Installs
    React IDE utils for Sublime (ST3)