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  • ModernFortran

    by eirik-kjonstad ST3 483 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 language syntax for highlighting of modern Fortran (Fortran 90 and newer)
  • ColorHelper

    by facelessuser ST3 Trending 65K Installs
    Sublime plugin that provides helpful color tooltips
  • wpseek WordPress Developer Assistant

    by wpseek 22K Installs
    wpseek.com WordPress Developer Assistant for Sublime Text 2 / 3
  • Language - Mongolian

    by bataak 56 Installs
    Монгол үгийн алдаа шалгах толь, Mongolian spellchecking dictionary
  • LSP-pyright

    by sublimelsp ST3 954 Installs
    Python support for Sublime's LSP plugin provided through microsoft/pyright.
  • Quokka

    by Wallaby.js ST3 2K Installs
    Live Scratchpad for JavaScript.
  • OrgExtended

    by Ian Davids ST3 237 Installs
    Sublime Text OrgMode Extension
  • KSP (Kontakt Script Processor)

    by nojanath ST3 3K Installs
    Fork of Nils Liberg's SublimeKSP plugin. See README for details.
  • JSCustom

    by Thom1729 ST3 4K Installs
    Customizable JavaScript syntax highlighting for Sublime Text.
  • JaiTools

    by RobinWragg ST3 494 Installs
    Syntax highlighting, autocompletion, and Goto Symbol/Anything for the Jai language in Sublime Text 3.
  • ReaSyntax

    by Breeder 706 Installs
    Syntax for scripting languages found in Cockos REAPER: Jesusonic/EEL/WALTER
  • MKB

    by KeeMeng ST3 62 Installs
    Macro/Keybind Mod Syntax Highlighting for Sublime Text 3
  • Verilog Gadget

    by poucotm 8K Installs
    🔧 Verilog plugin for Sublime Text 2/3. It helps to generate a simple testbench, instantiate a module, insert a user-header, repeat codes with formatted incremental/decremental numbers, etc.
  • Babel

    by babel ST3 Trending Top 100 714K Installs
    Syntax definitions for ES6 JavaScript with React JSX extensions.
  • SublimeLinter-contrib-xo

    by xojs ST3 2K Installs
    SublimeLinter plugin for XO
  • Expand Selection to Line Upwards

    by Aaron Fu Lei ST3 116 Installs
    Like the built-in Expand Selection to Line command, but expands upwards instead of downwards.
  • Requester

    by kylebebak ST3 4K Installs
    Powerful, modern HTTP/REST client built on top of the Requests library
  • A File Icon

    by ihodev, DeathAxe ST3 Top 25 994K Installs
    Sublime Text File-Specific Icons for Improved Visual Grepping
  • Colored Comments

    by Terminal / TheSecEng ST3 2K Installs
    Colored Comments is a SublimeText plugin to provide Comment Colorization
  • LSP-svelte

    by sublimelsp ST3 301 Installs
    Convenience plugin for Svelte Language Tools
  • LSP-angular

    by sublimelsp ST3 345 Installs
    Convenience plugin for Angular Language Service
  • Rhai

    by rhaiscript New 3 Installs
    Rhai syntax highlighting for Sublime Text.
  • AutoMatlab

    by asparc ST3 Win 169 Installs
    Sublime Text plugin with autocompletion, documentation generation and a command panel for Matlab.
  • CodeStory

    by dperetti ST3 67 Installs
    Sublime 3 plug-in for Code Story integration
  • LSP-metals

    by scalameta ST3 981 Installs
    Sublime Text package for Metals, a language server for Scala