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  • Swift Format

    by aerobounce ST3 MacLinux 1K Installs
    ⚡️ Swift Formatter (Powered by swiftformat)
  • Ecmascript Syntax

    by bathos ST3 23K Installs
    ECMAScript/JavaScript syntax (ES2015-ES2018, JSX, template highlighting, etc) with absurdly specific scopes
  • JsPrettier

    by jonlabelle 150K Installs
    JsPrettier is a Sublime Text Plug-in for Prettier, the opinionated code formatter.
  • SAS Programming

    by rpardee, friedegg, seemack ST3 4K Installs
    For using SAS Institute's Analytics & Data Management system.
  • AutoSetSyntax

    by jfcherng ST3 9K Installs
    AutoSetSyntax helps you set the syntax for a view automatically in various ways.
  • LSP-bash

    by sublimelsp ST3 3K Installs
    Bash support for Sublime's LSP plugin provided through bash-language-server.
  • Quokka

    by Wallaby.js ST3 4K Installs
    Live Scratchpad for JavaScript.
  • NeoVintageous

    by NeoVintageous ST3 15K Installs
    Vim emulation layer for Sublime Text.
  • BootstrapAutocomplete

    by jfcherng ST4 11K Installs
    Sublime Text 4 plugin for Bootstrap class name autocompletion.
  • LSP-pyright

    by sublimelsp ST3 6K Installs
    Python support for Sublime's LSP plugin provided through microsoft/pyright.
  • SublimeLinter-pyflakes

    by SublimeLinter ST3 65K Installs
    SublimeLinter plugin for python, using pyflakes.
  • Codam Headers

    by vincentvis ST3 49 Installs
    A sublime text plug-in for the students of Codam
  • Display numbers

    by nia40m ST3 188 Installs
    Sublime 3 plugin that shows a number in 10, 16, 2 and 8 numeral systems
  • nextflow

    by nf-core ST3 171 Installs
    Nextflow workflow syntax highlighting and snippets for Sublime Text 4
  • Smart VHDL

    by TheClams ST3 8K Installs
    Syntax Highlighting, Snippets, code navigation and more for VHDL
  • XPX

    by infocosme ST3 40 Installs
    Add XPX syntax to Sublime Text
  • BSScript

    by rusiv ST3 48 Installs
    No description provided
  • RemoteDiff-BCompare

    by Rain7232 ST3 Win 605 Installs
    No description provided
  • LSP-prisma

    by Sublime-Instincts ST4 68 Installs
    Prisma schema support for Sublime Text's LSP package using the Prisma Language Tools.
  • Language - Mongolian

    by bataak 126 Installs
    Монгол үгийн алдаа шалгах толь, Mongolian spellchecking dictionary
  • LSP-html

    by sublimelsp ST3 4K Installs
    HTML support for Sublime's LSP plugin
  • LSP-css

    by sublimelsp ST3 5K Installs
    CSS, SCSS, LESS support for Sublime's LSP plugin
  • Data Wizard

    by nickklaskala 186 Installs
    ST3/ST4 package for advanced data manipulation in delimited flat files (.csv, .psv, .tsv, .txt, .dat .etc). Supports auto detection of delimiters, Justification of delimited file, collapsing delimited files, pivoting delimited files, pop columns to end (cycling first column to end in pivoted data sets, see example), data masking(shuffle list, shuffle characters), data sampling, and converting datagrid to sql insert statements. This Package is especially helpful for ETL or any task that interfaces with delimited flat files in which you are constantly opening files and inspecting them. Allows for instant human readability and analysis.
  • wpseek WordPress Developer Assistant

    by wpseek 22K Installs
    wpseek.com WordPress Developer Assistant for Sublime Text 2 / 3
  • Twig

    by Sublime-Instincts 105K Installs
    A Sublime Text package that provides enhanced syntax highlighting, completions, snippets & more for PHP Twig templates.