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  • Alternative Autocompletion

    by atombender 25K Installs
    Adds TextMate-like autocompletion to Sublime Text 2 and 3.
  • RubyTest

    by maltize 62K Installs
    Sublime Text 2 plugin for running ruby tests! (Unit, RSpec, Cucumber)
  • ExpressionEngine

    by Etsur 5K Installs
    Packages put together for ExpressionEngine within Sublime Text 2: Syntax Definitions, Macros, Snippets, Preferences, etc.
  • LiveReload

    by alepez ST3 Top 100 434K Installs
    LiveReload plugin for SublimeText
  • Jinja2

    by kudago 51K Installs
    Jinja2 Syntax Support for TextMate and Sublime Text
  • SideBarEnhancements

    by titoBouzout ST3 Top 25 1.98M Installs
    Enhancements to Sublime Text sidebar. Files and folders.
  • sublimelint

    by lunixbochs Top 100 196K Installs
    Error highlighting in Sublime Text.
  • VintageEx

    by SublimeText ST2 19K Installs
    An implementation of Vim's command-line mode for Sublime Text 2
  • PythonTidy

    by witsch ST2 15K Installs
    A Sublime Text 2 plugin for PythonTidy integration
  • Inc-Dec-Value

    by Razumenko Maksim 43K Installs
    increase / decrease of numbers, dates, hex color values, etc.
  • HexViewer

    by facelessuser ST3 110K Installs
    Hex viewer and editor for SublimeText http://facelessuser.github.io/HexViewer/
  • Copy File Name

    by nwjlyons ST2 37K Installs
    Copy the file name from the right click menu in Sublime Text 2
  • PowershellUtils

    by SublimeText ST2 5K Installs
    Run powershell commands from within Sublime Text.
  • IndentGuides

    by SublimeText ST2 34K Installs
    Draw vertical guides to easily visualize indent depth.
  • Indent XML

    by alek-sys Top 100 254K Installs
    Plugin for Sublime Text editor for reindenting XML and JSON files
  • RSpec

    by SublimeText Trending 38K Installs
    Sublime Text 2 / 3 plugin for RSpec BDD Framework
  • sublime-github

    by bgreenlee 49K Installs
    Sublime Text 2/3 plugin that provides a number of useful commands for GitHub.
  • CoffeeScript

    by sustained ST2 129K Installs
    Syntax highlighting and checking, commands, shortcuts, snippets, compilation and more.
  • AsAbove

    by spadgos ST2 2K Installs
    ST2 Plugin to duplicate characters from the line above
  • Mote

    by SublimeText ST2 4K Installs
    SFTP Remote Editing for Sublime Text 2
  • WordPress

    by purplefish32 Top 100 174K Installs
    sublime text 2 wordpress package
  • BracketHighlighter

    by facelessuser ST3 Top 25 1.71M Installs
    Bracket and tag highlighter for Sublime Text http://facelessuser.github.io/BracketHighlighter/
  • PhpDoc

    by SublimeText 116K Installs
    PhpDoc support package.
  • CSS Less(ish)

    by kizza Top 100 166K Installs
    Use variables and nesting in your css files with Sublime Text 2 & 3
  • Gist

    by condemil 134K Installs
    Sublime Text plugin for creating new Gists from selected text