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  • Lightning

    by dcarroll 6K Installs
    Sublime Plugin for Aura
  • MarkLogic

    by paxtonhare 2K Installs
    Sublime plugin for MarkLogic XQuery
  • 1Self

    by 1self Top 100 215K Installs
    Track your activity with the 1self Sublime Text 2/3 Plugin
  • razor-tmpl

    by magicdawn 3K Installs
    razor-tmpl syntax definition & snippets for Sublime Text 3 or 2(not tested)
  • GitlabIntegrate

    by SnoringFrog 9K Installs
    Integrates various Gitlab features (mostly issue management) into Sublime 2/3.
  • Table of comments

    by kizza 2K Installs
    Organise and quick-jump between headings in your comments (like "jump to symbol") and optionally output a live table of contents too.
  • Predawn Monokai

    by varemenos 34K Installs
    A fork of flatland monokai for the predawn UI
  • Create Save Prompt

    by cellis 914 Installs
    CreateSavePrompt - a better "save" dialog for sublime text.
  • MavensMate

    by joeferraro ST3 58K Installs
    Sublime Text plugin for Salesforce developers. Aims to replace the Eclipse-based Force.com IDE.
  • Advanced CSV

    by wadetb 58K Installs
    Efficiently format, edit, arrange, and evaluate cells in CSV files
  • Theme - Toxin

    by p3lim 4K Installs
    Sublime Text 3 - Color Scheme
  • Accessibility

    by Yago 6K Installs
    ST3 accessibility markup helper
  • cfengine_beautifier

    by naksu 1K Installs
    CFEngine configuration file beautifier
  • Predawn Twilight Theme

    by jrnewell 28K Installs
    A modified twilight Sublime Text 3 Theme/Color Scheme for Predawn
  • anaconda_php

    by DamnWidget ST3 11K Installs
    Anaconda.PHP adds PHP linting, PHP code standards checking and complexity/messing detector that will never freeze your Sublime Text 3
  • Virtualenv

    by AdrianLC ST3 23K Installs
    Manage your virtualenvs directly from Sublime Text 3
  • Drunken PHP

    by idleberg 1K Installs
    Sublime Text completions for PHP, right kinda wrong
  • Huely Palette Extractor

    by jeloi 1K Installs
    A sublime plugin to extract and visualize colors in your code using huely.co
  • Scratch

    by jschonberg 850 Installs
    Sublime Text 2/3 Plugin – A simple way to create scratch files for code snippets and notes. All files are automatically named and saved in the same location.
  • Splunk Syntax

    by aarongraham 2K Installs
    A Sublime syntax definition for the Splunk Search Processing Language
  • RustAutoComplete

    by defuz ST3 26K Installs
    A SublimeText binding for RACER (Rust auto completion tool)
  • Pymol Language

    by bbarad 310 Installs
    Syntax rules for .pml files in sublime text.
  • Fb-Flo

    by reecer 122 Installs
    Sublime plugin for fb-flo.
  • Ionic Snippets

    by TenthGeek 24K Installs
    A sublime plugin complete with ionic framework snippets
  • Asterisk Config

    by pnlarsson 5K Installs
    Asterisk *.conf syntax highlight and snippets for SublimeText