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  • CNC Sinumerik

    by deathaxe ST3 11K Installs
    CNC SINUMERIK 840D/ONE language support for SublimeText
  • Chains

    by hc-12 1K Installs
    A sublime calendar plugin to mark your daily goal inspired by Jerry Seinfield's "Don't break the chain".
  • Verilog Gadget

    by poucotm 13K Installs
    🔧 Verilog plugin for Sublime Text 2/3. It helps to generate a simple testbench, instantiate a module, insert a user-header, repeat codes with formatted incremental/decremental numbers, etc.
  • neko nml syntax

    by R32 ST3 107 Installs
    .NML Syntax Highlighting and Auto Completion for Core Lib
  • MonkeyC

    by pzl ST3 383 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 syntax files for Garmin MonkeyC language for ConnectIQ platforms
  • HTML (C#)

    by michaelblyons ST3 12K Installs
    Sublime Text syntax highlighting for HTML with embedded C#: WebForms/ASP.Net and Razor
  • EasyClangComplete

    by niosus ST3 47K Installs
    :boom: Robust C/C++ code completion for Sublime Text 3/4
  • Conditional ColorSchemes

    by enteleform-releases ST3 2K Installs
    Define separate color schemes for specific paths, extensions, & filenames.
  • WRAMPAssemblyLanguage

    by ZeddSerjeant ST3 346 Installs
    An assembly language created by the University of Waikato, for educational purposes. This contains files to allow Sublime to syntax highlight and code complete
  • MIST

    by Vizzle ST3 431 Installs
    auto-completion for MIST template file in Sublime Text 3
  • How2

    by 0nkery ST3 41 Installs
    How2-rs plugin for Sublime Text 3.
  • ConvertFullHalfWidth

    by naoyukik ST3 2K Installs
    It convert Full-width to Half-width or Half-width to Full-width.
  • Theme - Pure

    by xianghongai ST3 2K Installs
    Purple, Simple, A Sublime Text 3 UI Theme.
  • SublimeLinter-contrib-bashate

    by bstoutenburgh ST3 7K Installs
    SublimeLinter plugin for Shell Script (Bash), using bashate.
  • Base Snippets

    by base 1K Installs
    Sublime Text 2 & 3 snippets for Base.
  • SublimeLinter-contrib-makensis

    by idleberg ST3 595 Installs
    This linter plugin for SublimeLinter provides an interface to makensis
  • SublimeLinter-contrib-lslint

    by XenHat ST3 410 Installs
    LSL linting for Sublime Text 3
  • TECS

    by tcppjp ST3 32 Installs
    Provides syntax highlighting for TECS (TOPPERS Embedded Component System) CDL files.
  • GoRename

    by alvarolm ST3 2K Installs
    GoRename is a Golang plugin for SublimeText 3 that integrates the Go gorename tool.
  • GoGuru

    by alvarolm ST3 8K Installs
    GoGuru is a Golang plugin for SublimeText 3 that integrates the Go guru tool.
  • ToolRunner

    by Kutt Katrea ST3 720 Installs
    Execute a command-line tool with the contents of the buffer
  • Flowstate

    by goodmind 180 Installs
    Sublime plugin which deletes what you typing
  • WarpScript

    by cityzendata ST3 64 Installs
    No description provided
  • Theme - Windows 10

    by andreibsk ST3 15K Installs
    Windows 10 inspired light theme for Sublime Text 3.
  • DIBOL Programming Language

    by ilyakharlamov 1K Installs
    Sublime Text Editor plug-in to support syntax highlighting for DIBOL aka DBL aka CIF aka Synergex Language aka Synergy Language aka Digital's Business Oriented Language