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  • Tips

    by kapitanluffy ST4 50 Installs
    💡 Show random tips for Sublime Text
  • WindowsContextMenu

    by jfcherng ST4 Win 301 Installs
    WindowsContextMenu is a Sublime Text plugin which adds or removes Windows Context menu for Sublime Text/Merge.
  • LSP-Grammarly

    by sublimelsp ST4 1K Installs
    Grammarly support for Sublime's LSP plugin, using the Grammarly language server
  • UVMLog

    by UVMLog ST3 MacLinux 36 Installs
    UVM-based simulator log file highlighting(enabled by changing log file extended with .uvmlog)
  • NotePad

    by va9iff 248 Installs
    NotePad package for Sublime Text
  • Haskell HSX

    by digitallyinduced 136 Installs
    Sublime Text Support For Haskell HSX QuasiQuotes
  • Mindustry Assembly

    by gigamicro 70 Installs
    Mindustry logic assembly highlighting
  • SystemRDL

    by deanMaker ST3 99 Installs
    Sublime Text support for SystemRDL Language
  • Odhin Color Scheme

    by Odhin Themes 119 Installs
    Odhin Theme for Sublime
  • REST Client

    by yeraydiazdiaz ST4 853 Installs
    REST client for Sublime Text 4
  • xit!

    by jotaen ST3 505 Installs
    [x]it! support for working with todo and check list files in Sublime Text
  • CodexAI

    by necarlson97 241 Installs
    A sublime-text package that uses cutting edge AI to write code with you, leveraging OpenAI's 'Codex' AI
  • AnyTest

    by timfjord ST3 130 Installs
    Run any test from Sublime Text
  • SphinxRefmate

    by phughes3866 ST3 56 Installs
    This Sublime Text plugin is a referencing toolkit to assist with the creation of Sphinx Documentation projects in restructured text.
  • Moonlight

    by mauroreisvieira ST4 450 Installs
    Sublime Theme with bubblegum colors on a moonlit background
  • klog

    by jotaen ST3 33 Installs
    klog time tracking support for Sublime Text
  • Butane

    by Joe Doss (jdoss) ST4 9 Installs
    Butane syntax and snippets files for the Sublime Text editor
  • Prismic.io snippets

    by prismicio 9 Installs
    Prismic snippets for VS Code, Vim, Sublime, and IntelliJ
  • Pretty Lua

    by aerobounce ST3 1K Installs
    🌙 Lua Formatter (Powered by StyLua)
  • Atomic Soft Tab Nav

    by ruiokada ST4 70 Installs
    Makes arrow keys treat soft tabs like tabs in Sublime Text.
  • MagicComment

    by Egor Iskrenkov 101 Installs
    Fully customizable Sublime Text plugin that automatically inserts configured pragma comments for you
  • PathBox

    by budlime ST4 69 Installs
    open/rename files with tabcompletion
  • Localpod

    by ijoyc 43 Installs
    A Sublime Text 3 package for Cocoapods. Automatically replace your pods with local pods.
  • JWT Decode

    by Xiangjiaox 490 Installs
    Sublime text plugin for decoding JWTs
  • Auto Close Panel

    by aerobounce ST3 296 Installs
    Hide unneeded output panels automatically on save with Sublime Text