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  • Excel formula

    by axemonk 632 Installs
    Excel formula syntax highlighting for Sublime Text.
  • Pawn Kit

    by punkochel 1K Installs
    Pawn language settings for Sublime Text. Adapted for development under OpenMP.
  • YamlPipelines

    by SublimeText ST4 669 Installs
    Sublime Syntax Definitions for YAML CI/CD pipelines like GitHub Actions, AzureDevops, Kong API Gateway, Gitlab, Bitbucket etc.
  • Refraction

    by Twistag 29 Installs
    Sublime Text Plugin for Refraction
  • WWB

    by rusiv ST3 12 Installs
    No description provided
  • Pluto

    by PlutoLang 63 Installs
    Editor integration for Pluto, a Lua dialect, with syntax highlighting, snippets, build systems, etc.
  • Super Templates

    by WiseLibs ST3 18 Installs
    The syntax definitions for super-templates.
  • Janet

    by archydragon ST3 105 Installs
    Janet language support for Sublime Text
  • AlpineJS

    by SublimeText ST4 345 Installs
    AlpineJS syntax highlighting for Sublime Text
  • AssistantAI

    by kanutron ST3 312 Installs
    A Sublime Text plugin to interact with HTTP API endpoints and perform text manipulation with their responses. Bundled with OpenAI to interact with ChatGPT or Codex, Gitea to create Issues from the selected code, and Python prompts to add Docstrings, and more. Users can extend it's features by defining Servers and Prompts in Sublime JSON files.
  • Streamlit

    by futureprogrammer360 175 Installs
    🚀 Sublime Text package for Python's data science package Streamlit with completion, build system, and documentation
  • Pretty EDN

    by Chris Oakman ST4 MacLinux 362 Installs
    Format, Validate, Minify EDN files in Sublime Text
  • SublimeLinter-contrib-revive

    by jsmith0684 ST3 36 Installs
    SublimeLinter plugin for the revive linter for go
  • Theme - Adaptify

    by lodev09 ST3 7K Installs
    Sublime Text theme. Adaptive but better, IMO
  • ExpandSelectionToComments

    by timfjord ST3 73 Installs
    Sublime Text package that expands the current selection to fully enclose the intersecting comment block
  • RBS

    by soutaro ST3 50 Installs
    Syntax definition of RBS
  • Python Web Scraping Snippets

    by futureprogrammer360 505 Installs
    🌐 Collection of Sublime Text snippets for web scraping in Python
  • 42 Function Count Lines

    by DoKca42 949 Installs
    It is an extension for students of 42 allowing to count the number of lines of a function according to the 'norminette' standard
  • LSP-ruff

    by LDAP ST3 2K Installs
    LSP helper for ruff - an extremely fast Python linter, written in Rust.
  • WslBuild

    by existentialmutt, DeathAxe ST3 Win 395 Installs
    A Sublime Text package to create build systems running in WSL2
  • Scarpet

    by lucifiel1618 ST3 42 Installs
    SublimeScarpetSyntax: A SublimeText Package for Scarpet
  • AskCodi

    by Assistiv AI ST3 247 Installs
    AskCodi extension for Sublime Text
  • Switch Window

    by SublimeText ST4 228 Installs
    A plugin to quickly switch between Sublime Text windows via Command Palette
  • PSS

    by blutsvente ST3 17 Installs
    PSS (Portable Stimulus Specification) language syntax for Sublime Text 3+4
  • Hog

    by Hog-CERN 22 Installs
    Hog Plugin for Sublime Text