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  • EmberToolBox

    by jackson-dean 990 Installs
    Add ember cli commands to sublime command palette
  • ATG(CocoR C#) Syntax

    by nolanar ST3 4K Installs
    Attributed Grammar (Coco/R C#) syntax highlighting package for Sublime Text
  • Vintage Solid Caret

    by muffinmad ST3 737 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 plugin to make caret style solid in Vintage command mode
  • Kahlan PHP Snippets

    by gguilbon 864 Installs
    A collection of sublime text snippets useful for the php test framework Kahlan.
  • ESLintAutoFix

    by alex-mm 12K Installs
    ESLint Auto fix with global eslint command.
  • CMB snippets

    by lubusIN 554 Installs
    For use with HumanMade’s Custom Meta Boxes for WordPress
  • HyperClick

    by aziz ST3 7K Installs
    Quickly and easily jump between your files. The missing part of Go to definition functionality in Sublime.
  • cslint

    by molee1905 ST3 Mac 56 Installs
    cslint for sublime text 3
  • JsDebuggr

    by rDr4g0n ST3 5K Installs
    Add, remove, enable, and disable breakpoints in javascript from the comfort of Sublime Text :D
  • Cert Tools

    by Gui13 MacLinux 309 Installs
    No description provided
  • LinkerScript

    by jbw3 ST3 3K Installs
    Syntax highlighting for GNU linker scripts
  • LC-2K Assembly

    by Ben Reeves 231 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 plugin for LC-2K assembly language.
  • Kustom Color Schemes

    by kcmr 787 Installs
    Kustom Color Schemes for Sublime Text
  • transientNamer Snippets

    by thespacedoctor 138 Installs
    Sublime Text Snippets for the transientNamer python package: https://github.com/thespacedoctor/transientNamer
  • tastic Snippets

    by thespacedoctor 38 Installs
    Sublime Text Snippets for tastic: https://github.com/thespacedoctor/tastic
  • polyglot Snippets

    by thespacedoctor 100 Installs
    Sublime Text Snippets for polyglot: https://github.com/thespacedoctor/polyglot
  • panstamps Snippets

    by thespacedoctor 39 Installs
    Sublime Text Snippets for panstamps: https://github.com/thespacedoctor/panstamps
  • HMpTy Snippets

    by thespacedoctor 1K Installs
    Sublime Text Snippets for HMpTy: https://github.com/thespacedoctor/HMpTy
  • MLFi

    by li-vu 29 Installs
    MLFi package for Sublime Text
  • Compile Jasper Template

    by MettleUp MacLinux 145 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 Plugin to compile JRXML into Jasper templates
  • Parquet

    by yuj ST3 6K Installs
    A Sublime Text package for viewing Apache Parquet files
  • Match

    by li-vu 348 Installs
    Match - Emacs' occur-mode for Sublime Text
  • SwitchDictionary

    by Naereen ST3 MacLinux 765 Installs
    Tiny ST3 :memo: plug-in to easily switch :twisted_rightwards_arrows: between spell-check for French :fr: or English :gb:, and auto-detect the language
  • Format JSDoc @params

    by finitewisdom 14K Installs
    A package to extend the functionality of the Sublime Text editor. Specifically, if the current selection represents a set of @param lines, one per line, it will reformat the lines to align the parameter types, names and descriptions.
  • ArmaBuild

    by jonpas 608 Installs
    Arma build system for Sublime Text 2/3