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  • ERB Autocomplete

    by CasperLaiTW 24K Installs
    The package to help use erb template user that easy and quick to finish the erb tag.
  • auto-save

    by jamesfzhang 194K Installs
    Automatically saves the current file after every modification
  • Hope

    by Kiko Beats 49 Installs
    CoffeeScript snippets for Hope promises library
  • Easygit

    by Ivanca ST3 2K Installs
    Plugin for sublime text for easy git integration (- after basic configuration -)
  • BetterFindBuffer

    by aziz ST3 11K Installs
    Adds a couple of missing features to SublimeText 3 Find Results buffer
  • DistractionFreeWindow

    by aziz 11K Installs
    SublimeText "Distraction free mode" but not full-screen! A windowed UI is more manageable and accessible yet it can be simple and sublime!
  • SublimeLinter-govet

    by SublimeLinter ST3 3K Installs
    This linter plugin for SublimeLinter provides an interface to go vet.
  • FileBrowser

    by aziz 62K Installs
    Ditch sidebar and browse your files in a normal tab with keyboard, like a pro!
  • Chain of Command

    by jisaacks 18K Installs
    Sublime text plugin to run a chain of commands
  • Pandoc Referencer

    by scotartt 2K Installs
    This Sublime Text 3 plugin totes up the Pandoc/Markdown footnote references in a file ([^refno]) and checks there is an entry text for each footnote found. Also it allows easy insertions of footnotes.
  • Initializr

    by drinks 2K Installs
    A Sublime Text (2 & 3) Plugin for Bootstrapping HTML5Boilerplate Projects
  • SublimeLinter-golint

    by SublimeLinter ST3 11K Installs
    This linter plugin for SublimeLinter provides an interface to golint.
  • SublimeLinter-gotype

    by SublimeLinter ST3 3K Installs
    This linter plugin for SublimeLinter provides an interface to gotype.
  • SM RAD

    by setap 27 Installs
    No description provided
  • CSS Format

    by mutian 173K Installs
    CSS Formatting for Sublime Text
  • GotoRowCol

    by bstidham 2K Installs
    Sublime Text 2 - Places the cursor at the specified row and column
  • Acme Plumbing

    by lionicsheriff ST3 5K Installs
    Make your text clickable (Sublime Text 3)
  • MagiclessQuotes

    by daryltucker 769 Installs
    Strips Magic Quotes and various other nuisances from your file.
  • Git Conflict Resolver

    by sascha-wolf 26K Installs
    A little plugin to help you resolving this nasty conflicts.
  • UIkit autocomplete

    by uikit 26K Installs
    Sublime Plugin
  • VEX Syntax

    by WhileRomeBurns 5K Installs
    A Sublime Text package for Sidefx Software's VEX language which is used in the procedural visual effects software Houdini.
  • Baan

    by masal 1K Installs
    Baan syntax highlighting, indentation and snippets for Sublime Text 2 & 3
  • Jade Build

    by mutian 35K Installs
    Jade Build for Sublime Text
  • QuickGotoAnything

    by litefeel 11K Installs
    Sublime Text Plugin to quick scroll to function/variable or quick open file, It use selected word. Works in ST2 and ST3.
  • NuGet

    by idleberg 1K Installs
    Syntax completions and snippets for creating NuGet XML files