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  • Devhelp

    by amezin ST3 25 Installs
    Devhelp integration for Sublime Text
  • BootstrapAutocomplete

    by jfcherng ST4 11K Installs
    Sublime Text 4 plugin for Bootstrap class name autocompletion.
  • Bunch

    by ttscoff Mac 119 Installs
    Bunch is a Mac automation app that runs on plain text files with the extension `.bunch`. It has its own "language", and this package provides syntax highlighting for Bunch files, as well as light/dark color schemes, snippets for common commands, and completion for app names.
  • LSP-Deno

    by sublimelsp ST4 427 Installs
    Convenience package for starting the deno lsp server
  • Data Wizard

    by nickklaskala 191 Installs
    ST3/ST4 package for advanced data manipulation in delimited flat files (.csv, .psv, .tsv, .txt, .dat .etc). Supports auto detection of delimiters, Justification of delimited file, collapsing delimited files, pivoting delimited files, pop columns to end (cycling first column to end in pivoted data sets, see example), data masking(shuffle list, shuffle characters), data sampling, and converting datagrid to sql insert statements. This Package is especially helpful for ETL or any task that interfaces with delimited flat files in which you are constantly opening files and inspecting them. Allows for instant human readability and analysis.
  • LSP-R

    by sublimelsp ST4 577 Installs
    Convenience package for the R language server
  • python-black

    by thep0y ST4 5K Installs
    Black formatter for Sublime Text
  • webAgent

    by seanfagan 29 Installs
    Sublime syntax highlighting for webAgent
  • LSP-pylsp

    by sublimelsp ST3 Trending 5K Installs
    Convenience package for the Python Language Server
  • Move Half Pages

    by luleyleo 39 Installs
    A Sublime Text plugin which provides a command to scroll by half pages (or any custom percentage)
  • Phoenix LiveView Snippets

    by sardaukar ST3 129 Installs
    Phoenix LiveView snippets for Sublime Text
  • LuaVEXT

    by MajorVictory ST3 34 Installs
    Custom Lua 5.3 implementation for Venice Unleashed with additional support for EBX format text files.
  • LSP-OmniSharp

    by sublimelsp ST4 918 Installs
    Convenience plugin to install/update OmniSharp for LSP
  • LSP-SourceKit

    by sublimelsp ST4 MacLinux 219 Installs
    Convenience plugin for Apple's SourceKit language server
  • LSP-lua

    by sublimelsp ST4 706 Installs
    Convenience package with a lua language server bundled
  • LSP-ltex-ls

    by LDAP ST4 125 Installs
    Convenience package for the LTeX Language Server (Spell/Grammar check for LaTex and Markdown)
  • LSP-jdtls

    by sublimelsp ST4 972 Installs
    Convenience package for the Eclipse JDT language server
  • LSP-flow

    by sublimelsp ST4 140 Installs
    Helper package that sets up your flow LSP server automatically
  • LSP-PowerShellEditorServices

    by sublimelsp ST4 757 Installs
    Convenience plugin to install and upgrade the PowerShellEditorServices language server
  • Estomato

    by rakibulhaq 6 Installs
    A sublime package to quickly calculate man days and man hour needed for a feature development straight from the selection from text editor
  • Language - Italian - Italiano

    by PLIO, nixxo 210 Installs
    Italian Spelling Language for Sublime Text - Dizionario Italiano per Sublime Text
  • Koto

    by koto-lang ST3 4 Installs
    Sublime Text support for the Koto language
  • Mooon Light Theme

    by developedby-sam 1K Installs
    🎨 Modern Theme for Sublime Text 3
  • QuickView

    by jwortmann ST3 248 Installs
    Image and color previews in Sublime Text
  • blif_sis

    by mario33881 59 Installs
    BLIF (SIS' Berkeley Logic Interchange Format) syntax highlighter and autocompleter package for Sublime Text