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  • Django Tags

    by Jeewes 10K Installs
    Django Template tag switcher for Sublime Text
  • Share File

    by devdinu 211 Installs
    Sublime Plugin to share the current opened file, by uploading it to server, and others can download it
  • SetlX Helper

    by LucaVazz 128 Installs
    An extension for SublimeText, VisualStudio Code, TextMate and IntelliJ IDEA to make writing SetlX-code comfortable. Compatible with SetlX Version 2.5.0 - 2.6.1
  • LanguageTool

    by gtarawneh 12K Installs
    Proof-reading and grammar checker for English, French, German, Polish and 20+ other languages
  • XSL

    by packagecontrol ST3 4K Installs
    The XSL syntax that used to be part of the XML package
  • Troubleshooting

    by FichteFoll, guillermooo ST3 201 Installs
    Troubleshooting and error reporting tools for Sublime Text users.
  • BeyondCompare

    by npadley 18K Installs
    Plugin that enables comparison of the last 2 activated buffers (even in different windows) using BeyondCompare.
  • Sassy Comments

    by danieldafoe 5K Installs
    Intuitive Sass commenting for Sublime Text 2/3.
  • Ember Template Component Split View

    by mitchell-garcia 3K Installs
    Sublime text plugin that will allow you to press SHIFT+CTRL+K to show any Ember component's corresponding template or javascript file
  • FlowIDE

    by tptee ST3 MacLinux 3K Installs
    IDE-caliber support for Flow in Sublime Text
  • KeyboardNavigation

    by robertcollier4 857 Installs
    Navigate fast between contiguous boundaries. Keyboard movement and selection and deletion to custom delimeters. For SublimeText ST2 ST3
  • Feedwhack

    by rcraggs 32 Installs
    No description provided
  • AngularJS Jasmine Boilerplate

    by namoscato 5K Installs
    Generates boilerplate Jasmine tests from annotated AngularJS components in Sublime Text
  • Lipsum Chinese

    by yinxianwei 2K Installs
    No description provided
  • Code Champion

    by Atbox 548 Installs
    Plays epic sound clips when you write epic code on sublime Text!
  • QuickPanelEnhanced

    by jaytiar ST3 1K Installs
    Plugin providing improvements to the operation of the Quick (Overlay) Panel in the Sublime Text 3 editor.
  • Profile Switcher

    by tonsky 688 Installs
    Profile Switcher for Sublime Text
  • NgAnnotate

    by kamilkp 255 Installs
    Quickly add or update AngularJS annotations to any function in your code.
  • Fantom

    by Matthew Giannini ST3 170 Installs
    Sublime Text plugin for the Fantom programming language
  • Golang Tools Integration

    by liuhewei ST3 36K Installs
    Golang tools (gofmt, gocode, golint, guru, gorename, ...) integration for Sublime Text 3
  • Mp3Player

    by RachitKansal ST3 WinLinux 489 Installs
    It is an Mp3 media player plugin for Sublime Text 3, which uses the famous vlc player to run the media
  • View Bookmarks

    by adam-zethraeus 1K Installs
    A sublime package to list all bookmarks
  • EON JS snippets

    by jaymie-timperley 2K Installs
    Sublime Text snippets for Custom JavaScript Library in Eon Studio
  • TabSnippets

    by oleksiyk ST3 2K Installs
    Fix annoying SublimeText issue with TAB inserting completion and not desired snippet
  • Hungry Backspace

    by xdrop ST3 869 Installs
    This small plugin brings to Sublime Text the "hungry"/"smart" backspace feature from IntelliJ. The hungry backspace retains the scope (indentation) when the backspace key is pressed on an empty line.