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  • JavaScriptFunctionDefinition

    by asdf23 22K Installs
    Sublime 3 plugin for JavaScript files. Overloads autocomplete to show function definition
  • Reform

    by Suor 720 Installs
    A Sublime Text plugin to move through and reform things
  • npm

    by PixnBits ST3 26K Installs
    npm commands within Sublime Text
  • HackerTyper

    by rexxars ST3 3K Installs
    Pretend you're an expert hacker and can type flawlessly
  • GoOracle

    by waigani 16K Installs
    GoOracle is a Golang plugin for SublimeText that integrates the Go oracle tool.
  • Fenom

    by pafnuty 287 Installs
    Syntax definition and snippets for working with Fenom template engine for PHP. Compatible with Sublime Text 2 and 3.
  • Junos

    by nprintz 4K Installs
    Junos Config Syntax Highlighting for Sublime Text 2/3
  • CSS3

    by y0ssar1an ST3 Top 100 360K Installs
    The most complete CSS support for Sublime Text 3
  • Material Color Scheme

    by willsoto Trending 63K Installs
    Sublime Text syntax theme based off the Material Design color palette
  • EvalPrinter

    by philippotto 3K Installs
    Transpiles, evaluates and prints code. Provides immediate feedback for code execution within Sublime Text.
  • IDL-Syntax

    by andik 2K Installs
    simple IDL (Microsoft midl, Mozilla WebIDL) syntax highlighting for Sublime Text
  • Vtex Snippets

    by ricardodantas 316 Installs
    Vtex e-commerce platform snippets for Sublime Text.
  • MDN Search Doc

    by nucliweb 2K Installs
    Sublime Text MDN Search Doc
  • SwapStrings

    by philippotto 5K Installs
    A Sublime Text Plugin which allows swapping of arbitrary strings (e.g. single and double quotation marks)
  • TADS3

    by VoidPhantom 325 Installs
    TADS 3 syntax for Sublime Text
  • SVG-Snippets

    by jorgeatgu 9K Installs
    :beginner: A set of custom SVG snippets for Sublime Text 2/3
  • APL Highlighting

    by StoneCypher 908 Installs
    SublimeText highlighter (and TextMate I think?) for "A Programming Language" (APL)
  • SCRAPfy

    by hashdog 251 Installs
    Sublime plugin for post your code to scrapfy.io
  • OmnisStudioHighlighter

    by Frogli 412 Installs
    Sublime Text syntax highlighting for Omnis Studio
  • Citer

    by mangecoeur 3K Installs
    Citations from bibtex for Sublime Text 3
  • subl protocol

    by thecotne ST3 WinLinux 629 Installs
    sublime text protocol
  • Underliner

    by dfleury 448 Installs
    A space to underline converter plugin for Sublime Text
  • Galil DMC language

    by fallrisk 202 Installs
    Galil DMC syntax highlighting for Sumblime Text 3
  • Valgrind

    by oliverseal ST3 943 Installs
    Syntax highlighting and shortcuts for Valgrind in Sublime Text 3.
  • Numix Theme

    by nauzethc 56K Installs
    Numix themes for Sublime Text