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  • Resize Active Group

    by FunkMonkey ST2 429 Installs
    Sublime Plugin for resizing the active layout group to have the most space, when switching between groups
  • Run In InDesign

    by vamitul ST3 WinOS X 429 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 plugin for running javascripts with Indesign
  • Go To Node Module Homepage

    by jfromaniello ST2 428 Installs
    Open the homepage of any node module installed (or native)
  • Gmail

    by divinites ST3 428 Installs
    A light-weight email agent for Sublime Text 3
  • Base Snippets

    by base 427 Installs
    Sublime Text 2 & 3 snippets for Base.
  • Ignore Words

    by zcold 427 Installs
    Ignore words for spell check in Sublime 3
  • ControlScroll

    by gipsy-king ST2 427 Installs
    Sublime text 2 plugin for fast ctrl+mousewheel scrolling, Eclipse style
  • Idoc

    by tstirrat 427 Installs
    Idoc (Oracle WebCenter Content) Syntax for Sublime
  • Danmakufu

    by drakeirving 426 Installs
    Sublime Text package for the Touhou Danmakufu (東方弾幕風) scripting language.
  • Favorites

    by oleg-shilo ST3 426 Installs
    Favorites list for Sublime Text 3
  • FT Origami

    by Financial-Times 426 Installs
    FT Origami is a Sublime Text Plugin with auto-completion and colour highlighting
  • RemoteCpp

    by ruibm ST3 426 Installs
    A Sublime Text 3 editor plugin that makes it pleasant/acceptable to develop C++ remotely via SSH.
  • K Framework

    by Zhomart 425 Installs
    Syntax highlighting for semantic framework K. Read more on http://kframework.org
  • SwitchDictionary

    by Naereen ST3 OS XLinux 425 Installs
    Tiny ST3 :memo: plug-in to easily switch :twisted_rightwards_arrows: between spell-check for French :fr: or English :gb:, and auto-detect the language
  • Theme - Manzhou

    by manse 425 Installs
    A UI themes for Sublime Text 3 based on Lanzhou
  • AppendComma

    by jeffhandley 425 Installs
    Easily place a comma at the end of a line with a hotkey
  • Pastery

    by apas 424 Installs
    ST plugin for the sweetest pastebin.
  • RVM

    by jinze ST2 424 Installs
    RVM switch for Sublime Text
  • url-utils

    by ulasozguler ST3 424 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 plugin for url stuff.
  • VEX

    by teared ST3 424 Installs
    Houdini add-on for Sublime Text
  • PurpleHaze

    by klomontes 424 Installs
    Custom color scheme for Sublime Text
  • SublimeBufmod

    by minism ST2 423 Installs
    Operations on text selections for SublimeText2
  • NightCycle

    by forty-two ST2 423 Installs
    Sublime Text 2 plugin for changing colour scheme according to time of day
  • Quick Docs Launcher

    by linkarys 422 Installs
    A plugin for quick load / search any docs
  • TtcnComplete

    by Hui Mi 420 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 plugin that offers auto-completion, Goto Definition and syntax highlight for TTCN-3 and ASN.1