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  • CSScheme

    by FichteFoll 6K Installs
    Create Sublime Text or Text Mate color schemes in CSS, SCSS or stylus
  • Monokai Neue

    by josh-kaplan 6K Installs
    A slightly modified and extended version of Monokai based on Monokai Extened with support added for highlighted levels of JSON based on MonokaiJSON+.
  • Google Dictionary

    by houcheng ST3 6K Installs
    Sublime google dictionary plugin
  • Express Completion

    by fakhrullah 6K Installs
    ExpressJS 4 completions for Sublime Text 3
  • SublimeLinter-contrib-perl

    by oschwald ST3 6K Installs
    SublimeLinter plugin for perl -c
  • Sublime TFS

    by CDuke Win 6K Installs
    Use TFS inside Sublime Text 2/3
  • Typewriter

    by alehandrof 6K Installs
    Typewriter-inspired modes for Sublime Text 3
  • Cython

    by NotSqrt 6K Installs
    Cython syntax support for SublimeText
  • Status Bar Time

    by lowliet 6K Installs
    Small Sublime Text package that is displaying current time on status bar
  • SplitScreen

    by spadgos ST2 6K Installs
    ST2 Plugin to create custom split screen ratios
  • GraphvizPreview

    by munro 6K Installs
    SublimeText Plugin to quickly view a Graphviz snippet
  • ImprovedSQL

    by jbrooksuk 6K Installs
    An improved SQL.tmLanguage
  • Riot Tag

    by riot 6K Installs
    Riot tags syntax rules
  • SublimeGoogle

    by a1fred 6K Installs
    Google plugin for sublime text.
  • Vintage Surround

    by jcartledge 6K Installs
    Vintage keymap to make https://github.com/jcartledge/sublime-surround behave more like surround-vim.
  • Color Scheme - Eazy Light

    by txdm 6K Installs
    Eazy Light is a light Sublime Text color scheme for web developers that blends elements from Chrome Developer Tools, XCode, classic BBEdit, and Eifell coloring. Optimized for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Whitespaces

    by gorte ST2 6K Installs
    Whitespace highlighting for Sublime Text 2
  • Gruvbox Dark

    by peaceant 6K Installs
    gruvbox is a retro groove color scheme for Sublime Text
  • AutomaticFullscreen

    by lefoy ST3 6K Installs
    Sublime Text plugin to start in fullscreen mode.
  • WinMerge

    by SublimeText Win 6K Installs
    Plugin that enables comparison of the last 2 activated buffers (even in different windows) using WinDiff (Windows only).
  • SortTabs

    by bizoo 6K Installs
    Sort tabs for Sublime Text 2
  • Search Anywhere

    by ericmartel 6K Installs
    Utility to quickly search on multiple search engines from the current selection or custom input. Default search engine configurable per file type. Search Engines defined through JSON including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Stack Overflow, PHP.net, sitepoint and caniuse.com
  • Markdown Table Formatter

    by bitwiser73 ST3 6K Installs
    Sublime Text 3 plugin for formatting markdown table (inspired by Atom's MarkdownTableFormatter)
  • PhpConnector

    by chigix 6K Installs
    The connector plugin to support php development on sublime plugin
  • Sublimipsum

    by cyrilf ST2 6K Installs
    Insert Lorem Ipsum - Sublime Text Plugin