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  • Veeam Logs Helper

    by yandexx ST3 230 Installs
    Veeam Backup & Replication logs syntax highlighting for Sublime Text
  • DIBOL Programming Language

    by ilyakharlamov 230 Installs
    Sublime Text Editor plug-in to support syntax highlighting for DIBOL aka DBL aka CIF aka Synergex Language aka Synergy Language aka Digital's Business Oriented Language
  • DFML (for Dwarf Fortress raws)

    by philipguin 230 Installs
    A simple DFML (Dwarf Fortress Markup Language) package for the Sublime 2 IDE! Allows Sublime 2 to syntax highlight DFML via scoping rules.
  • Sk-ST3

    by Ayham Al-Ali 229 Installs
    Skript Language Modern Syntax Highlighting. Skript is a Minecraft plugin that allows you to write codes with plain english and use it as plugins
  • Indentor

    by omkarjc27 229 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 package for Indenter
  • SublimeLinter-addon-filter

    by kaste ST3 229 Installs
    Provide filter functions for SL
  • Laynger

    by amaslenn 228 Installs
    Laynger (Layout Changer) is a plugin for Sublime Text 2 which allows to change layout borders using keyboard
  • Simutrans dat Syntax

    by An-dz 228 Installs
    A SublimeText package for syntax highlighting and text completions for Simutrans addons
  • ChromiumTodoView

    by dougt 227 Installs
    A Sublime Text 3 plugin which displays chromium bug info for TODO(######): comments.
  • Persistent Console

    by idleberg ST3 226 Installs
    Package that opens console whenever a new window or tab is opened
  • Falcon

    by Alessandro Facciorusso 226 Installs
    Falcon programming language syntax and utilities for Sublime Text 2
  • lay-out Syntax

    by CREEATION 226 Installs
    Atom & Sublime Text Syntax Highlighting for lay-out files (.lf)
  • Summary

    by geekpradd 223 Installs
    Sublime Text Plugin to summarize text
  • Creeper Reverse Polish Language

    by KubeRoot ST3 223 Installs
    Sublime Text syntax highlighting for Creeper Reverse Polish Language
  • Wrap U

    by manoelneto 223 Installs
    Sublime plugin for wrap a selection with u()
  • tQuery

    by jeromeetienne 222 Installs
    sublime text plugin for tQuery
  • MissingFindPanelKeys

    by mattst 222 Installs
    A Sublime Text 3 package which provides key bindings for the find panel buttons which are not assigned keys in the default Sublime Text keymap files.
  • GridlabD

    by dpinney 222 Installs
    A Sublime Text 2 package for working with Gridlab-D glm files.
  • Titan Edge Highlighter

    by Ali Erdem Akın ST3 220 Installs
    Titan Edge Highlighter
  • SearchGmodWiki

    by Pugsworth ST2 220 Installs
    Plugin for sublime to help searching through the glua documentation straight from the editor.
  • SAMB

    by cheikhshift ST3 220 Installs
    SAMB (server assembly framework) syntax and snippets
  • OpenHere

    by randy3k Mac 218 Installs
    Open Finder, Terminal and iTerm in Sublime Text
  • Groupie

    by noct 218 Installs
    Simple Sublime Text 2/3 plugin for sorting files into layout groups
  • LFE

    by oubiwann 217 Installs
    LFE Support in Sublime Text
  • Specificity Calculator

    by Keegan Street ST2 217 Installs
    Press Command+Option+Shift+S to find the specificity of CSS selectors on the current line