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  • Cycle Setting

    by jmm ST2 153 Installs
    Adds a `cycle_setting` command to Sublime Text 2, complementing the built-in `set_setting` and `toggle_setting`.
  • iTunes

    by airtoxin ST3 OS X 151 Installs
    Show iTunes playing track on sublime status bar.
  • Neopolitan

    by daytonn 151 Installs
    A rich chocolatey theme that's easy on the eyes.
  • StackExchangeQuery

    by anhmv 151 Installs
    StackExchange API Query for SublimeText3
  • Parallel Builder

    by GianlucaGuarini ST2 151 Installs
    Sublime Text2 Plugin - It allows you to run more than one build command in Parallel
  • Groupie

    by noct 151 Installs
    Simple Sublime Text 2/3 plugin for sorting files into layout groups
  • Hogan Build

    by individuo7 ST2 151 Installs
    Provides build systems for `.mustache` files. Requires hulk (via hogan.js) on OSX and Linux.
  • HapoItak

    by seiichisan ST3 150 Installs
    HapoItak is a web-developr's powerful toolkit that can improve your HTML, JSP and JAVA workflow.
  • lay-out Syntax

    by CREEATION 150 Installs
    Sublime Text 2 Syntax Highlighting for lay-out files (.lf)
  • Calamity

    by Pustur 150 Installs
    A purple dark theme with medium to high contrast for Sublime Text ⚛️
  • Duplicate Same

    by jcowgar ST2 149 Installs
    A plugin for Sublime that will duplicate what is the same between the previous two lines
  • Rekit

    by supnate 149 Installs
    Provide sidebar menu for Rekit command line tools.
  • SetWindowTitle

    by gwenzek ST3 WinLinux 148 Installs
    Configure the title of your Sublime Text windows
  • ACF Programmatic Fields

    by timlogemann 148 Installs
    Sublime Text | ACF Snippets for programmatic PHP fields
  • MonkeyC

    by pzl ST3 146 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 syntax files for Garmin MonkeyC language for ConnectIQ platforms
  • Smart Region

    by gbaptista ST3 145 Installs
    Open and search files directly from your source code.
  • Bonsucesso

    by sergiovilar 145 Installs
    Bonsucesso is a light color scheme for Sublime Text
  • Collider Snippets

    by simonsinclair 145 Installs
    Snippets for Sublime Text with the key features of Collider.
  • Sourcetrail

    by CoatiSoftware 144 Installs
    No description provided
  • Toggle RSpec Focus

    by axsuul 144 Installs
    Toggle RSpec blocks with :focus using keyboard shortcuts within Sublime Text
  • FLAC

    by pjkottke 144 Installs
    Sublime Text 2 syntax definitions for FLAC 2D (itascacg.com), a numerical modeling program.
  • JRubyFX

    by edubkendo ST2 143 Installs
    Basic syntax highlighting for FXML and tools for working with JRubyFX
  • PythonNiceToHaveFeatures

    by monobot ST3 143 Installs
    Nice to have features in SublimeText3 for python development
  • Tailwind CSS Docs

    by Austen Cameron 143 Installs
    Easily navigate to Tailwind CSS docs pages from within Sublime Text
  • Pipe Dream

    by billymoon ST2 143 Installs
    Pipe Dream plugin for Sublime Text 2 - Pipes selected text through shell commands