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  • Tips

    by kapitanluffy ST4 32 Installs
    💡 Show random tips for Sublime Text
  • Rholang

    by tgrospic 32 Installs
    Rholang plugin for SublimeText
  • RandomizeLogMessages

    by marclar ST2 32 Installs
    A Sublime Text 2 plugin for appending random strings to your log messages, in the interest of simplifying debugging.
  • Polygen

    by Tristano Ajmone ST3 32 Installs
    Polygen syntax for Sublime Text 3
  • TECS

    by tcppjp ST3 32 Installs
    Provides syntax highlighting for TECS (TOPPERS Embedded Component System) CDL files.
  • FEG Snippets

    by w3cmark 31 Installs
    FEG Snippets Plugin for Sublime Text 2/3
  • Snowball Syntax

    by assem-ch ST3 31 Installs
    Syntax Highlighting for Snowball framwork destinated to stemming
  • SphinxRefmate

    by phughes3866 ST3 31 Installs
    This Sublime Text plugin is a referencing toolkit to assist with the creation of Sphinx Documentation projects in restructured text.
  • MRL syntax highlighting

    by Denis Koshechkin ST3 30 Installs
    MRL syntax highliting for Sublime Text 3
  • FullwidthTabSpaces

    by woodmix ST3 30 Installs
    Sublime plugin to optimize the function of translate_tabs_to_spaces for lines containing full-width characters
  • Wiggle

    by jarretth ST2 30 Installs
    Wiggle your SublimeText 2 panes around
  • MThuy Local Sync

    by hoanglan87 ST3 30 Installs
    MThuy Local Sync, a plugin for Sublime Text 3 do local synchronize on file save
  • Hyperscript

    by gnat ST4 30 Installs
    Hyperscript syntax highlighting for Sublime Text. (_hyperscript, HTMX)
  • Fewest Moves

    by oyyq99999 ST3 30 Installs
    A Sublime Text 3 plugin for FMC practises
  • NukeToolsST

    by virgilsisoe 29 Installs
    A Sublime Text package that allows to send python or blinkscript code to be executed inside Nuke.
  • FactoryBoy

    by mgaitan 29 Installs
    Snippets for factory-boy
  • rockfinder Snippets

    by thespacedoctor 29 Installs
    Sublime Text Snippets for rockfinder: https://github.com/thespacedoctor/rockfinder
  • DBLP Search

    by grundprinzip ST2 29 Installs
    DBLP Plugin For Sublime Text 2
  • NegateSentence

    by Bajena 29 Installs
    A sublime text plugin for negating english sentences. Useful e.g. when writing tests
  • Pass Manager

    by degami MacLinux 29 Installs
    A Sublime Text 3 plugin which gets passwords from your passwordstore.
  • Paste Plus

    by GGets ST3 Win 28 Installs
    A Sublime Text plugin to allow copying paths from file(s) in Windows Explorer.
  • Search Valve Wiki

    by yogensia ST2 28 Installs
    Search the Valve Wiki for QC Commands, VMT Parameters, etc. directly from SublimeText.
  • Solo Snippets

    by zeusLeeJh 28 Installs
    Solo snippets for Sublime Text 3
  • Yosys

    by YosysHQ ST3 28 Installs
    Yosys syntax highlighter for the Sublime Text 3 editor
  • Kattis

    by matys18 28 Installs
    A sublime plugin for submitting solutions to Kattis