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  • SmartMoveToTheEol

    by do ST2 95 Installs
    "Smart Move To The Eol" Sublime Plugin
  • Named (Bind) Helpers

    by Smerty ST2 94 Installs
    Perform a named-zonecheck without leaving Sublime Text 2.
  • AskCodi

    by Assistiv AI ST3 94 Installs
    AskCodi extension for Sublime Text
  • blif_sis

    by mario33881 94 Installs
    BLIF (SIS' Berkeley Logic Interchange Format) syntax highlighter and autocompleter package for Sublime Text
  • Squib Snippets

    by andymeneely 93 Installs
    SublimeText snippets for Squibbing.
  • CMSSWLookup

    by riga 93 Installs
    Sublime Text 2/3 Plugin for easy CMSSW code lookup.
  • Just Paste

    by jcldavid ST2 93 Installs
    A Sublime Text 2 plugin that uploads code snippets to JustPaste.me
  • jsrevival

    by sdolard <sdolard@gmail.com> ST2 92 Installs
    Another interface to jslint. Base on jsrevival node package. Require node and jsrevival
  • exercism

    by thosgood 91 Installs
    ST3 plugin for exercism.io
  • NX Sublime Coverage

    by Tobias Kopelke ST3 MacLinux 91 Installs
    No description provided

    by konstantin24121 91 Installs
    KBEMS Grammar for Sublime Text with KABEMS and BEM methodologies
  • WebIDL

    by queengooborg ST3 90 Installs
    Sublime Text syntax highlighting for WebIDL syntax defined by W3C
  • Debugger - 3ds Max

    by blurstudio ST2/ST3 Win 90 Installs
    A debug adapter for debugging Python within Autodesk 3ds Max, using Sublime Text 3 and 4
  • ludik

    by jonny64 WinLinux 89 Installs
    navigation hotkeys and templates for Eludia.pm/dia.pm framework (https://github.com/do-/dia.pm)
  • schema-rb

    by hedgesky ST3 89 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 package for quick navigation across tables in schema.rb
  • TracRPC

    by Florian Cech ST3 89 Installs
    Trac RPC package for Sublime Text 3
  • Mask

    by tenbits 89 Installs
    Sublime Text: Mask syntax support
  • Murphi

    by timlinsc ST3 88 Installs
    Murphi language support for Sublime
  • EasyOpen

    by eiji.ienaga ST2 Mac 88 Installs
    Easy Open file helper tool. mac only
  • Gemini

    by printfn 87 Installs
    Gemini syntax highlighting for Sublime Text
  • Create WebP Image

    by Tomas Barry 87 Installs
    A plugin for Sublime Text providing an interface to CWebP
  • XLI Template Converter

    by apex2060 ST2 87 Installs
    Agilix now provides you with templates - which you can manipulate and override. You can use this plugin for sublimetext which will compile and de-compile any templates so you can easily modify and override existing templates.

    by sal0max 87 Installs
    A collection of plugins for Sublime Text to ease working in the UNIFA Environment.
  • PSLHighlight

    by jewelzqiu 87 Installs
    Sublime Text syntax highlight support for PSL language
  • PathBox

    by budlime ST4 86 Installs
    open/rename files with tabcompletion