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  • Dylan

    by dylan-lang 217 Installs
    TextMate support for Dylan
  • Mscgen

    by r-stein 216 Installs
    Language Support of MscGen for Sublime Text
  • RecenterTopBottom

    by mburrows ST2 216 Installs
    Sublime Text 2 plugin that cycles through scrolling the current line to the top, middle and bottom of the screen.
  • Pynsist

    by idleberg ST3 216 Installs
    Language support and build-system for pynsist, a tool to build Windows installers for your Python applications
  • Today

    by rodrigoflores ST2 215 Installs
    Inserts today's date on Sublime
  • LSP-lemminx

    by sublimelsp ST3 214 Installs
    XML support for Sublime's LSP plugin
  • Cert Tools

    by Gui13 MacLinux 214 Installs
    No description provided
  • X to Y

    by superguigui ST2 214 Installs
    sublime-text 2 package to duplicate lines while replacing x by y, width by height so on...
  • SublimeLinter-contrib-tailor

    by vaemoi ST3 212 Installs
    Sublime Linter 3 plugin for swift with tailor
  • Test Plier

    by asfaltboy 212 Installs
    run python tests quickly from within a project
  • Panezr

    by jpellerin ST3 211 Installs
    A sublimetext3 plugin for automatically limiting the number of tabs open at one time in a each pane.
  • Share File

    by devdinu 211 Installs
    Sublime Plugin to share the current opened file, by uploading it to server, and others can download it
  • JapanWordStop

    by woodmix ST3 WinLinux 211 Installs
    Sublime Text plugin that provides word jumps in Japanese
  • qasm_highlighting

    by gtaifu ST3 211 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 package for QASM and QuMIS syntax highlighting.
  • GenerateProjects

    by drmonkeyninja 211 Installs
    Generates Sublime project files for a directory
  • SublimeAxosoft

    by ckaznocha ST3 211 Installs
    A Sublime Text 3 package for Axosoft (formerly OnTime).
  • CWL Syntax Highlighting

    by manabuishii ST3 211 Installs
    Sublime Text syntax highlighting for CWL
  • Aftersave

    by Joaquin Miguez ST2 MacLinux 210 Installs
    Perform a custom action after saving a file
  • Messages

    by KristoforMaynard ST3 MacLinux 209 Installs
    A manager for messages that belong to a line of code in Sublime Text
  • EasyCatalog

    by julux 209 Installs
    EasyCatalog syntax function and snippets to Sublime Text with .ecc (EasyCatalog Code extension files)
  • ESOLua

    by Cpsgames ST3 209 Installs
    No description provided
  • VGR-Assistant

    by mhilborn 208 Installs
    VGR syntax highlighting for Sublime Text 2 plus some snippets to make life easier
  • Kickoff Snippets

    by TryKickoff 208 Installs
    :rice_ball: Useful snippets for Sublime Text and Atom
  • Aweibo

    by ivershuo ST2 208 Installs
    No description provided
  • FlowTree

    by maxwelljohn ST3 208 Installs
    Make complex code changes faster & more reliably with automatic working memory support