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  • Mahou Caret Display Server

    by BladeMight ST3 Win 115 Installs
    Mahou Caret Display Server for Mahou's Caret Language Display feature to work with Sublime Text 3.
  • Cuttlefish

    by csun ST3 115 Installs
    A Sublime Text 3 package for easy switching between themes. Inspired by Camaléon, another Sublime Text package.
  • Easy Siebel

    by ouzklcn 114 Installs
    Syntax Highlighting and Validation for Siebel Expressions
  • fluent-logger

    by airtoxin ST3 114 Installs
    fluentd logging tool for sublime text editor
  • Titanium Alloy Related

    by Cyber-Duck Ltd 114 Installs
    A Sublime Text 3 plugin to easily navigate around your Titanium Alloy application source code.
  • gmESSI-Tools

    by SumeetSinha 113 Installs
    Syntax Highlighting and auto-completion rules for gmessi file (which is a semantic file written in python to tanslates from Gmsh to UCD ESSI (.fei) File Format).
  • Breadboard

    by breadboard-xyz ST3 111 Installs
    No description provided
  • Hide Files

    by dunckr ST2 111 Installs
    Hide Files plugin for Sublime Text
  • Quake3 Script

    by isRyven 110 Installs
    Quake3 script and shader syntax highlighting for Sublime Text
  • FBP

    by paulyoung 110 Installs
    Support for the Flow Based Programming DSL.
  • Waxeye

    by tijn 110 Installs
    Waxeye syntax highlighter for Sublime Text
  • RPN

    by bphunter1972 ST3 109 Installs
    RPN Calculator for Sublime Text 3
  • QuickReplaceAtCursor

    by JorisL ST3 109 Installs
    Sublime text plugin for quickly replacing one or more predefined characters at the cursor position with another set of characters.
  • LinesMultisets

    by heldev ST3 109 Installs
    This Sublime Text plugin allows you to compare, merge and manipulate lists of things, whether they are todo items, lists of files or arrays from API responses.
  • Cytora Colour Scheme

    by benomahony 109 Installs
    Sublime Text Theme using Cytora brand colours
  • Mackerel Syntax Highlighting

    by Phillip3 ST3 109 Installs
    highlighting for Barrelfish's Mackerel and Sublime Text 3
  • OpenLastRPT

    by jonpas 109 Installs
    Open Last RPT (Arma log) file plugin for Sublime Text 2/3
  • doi2bibSublime

    by monty5811 ST3 108 Installs
    Automatically attempt to convert a DOI to BibTeX entry.
  • ATS2 Build System

    by ShengYun OS XLinux 108 Installs
    ATS2 build system for sublime text
  • Parva Syntax

    by muskatel 107 Installs
    Parva language syntax recognition for Sublime Text
  • D-Laravel alias

    by DevinY ST3 OS XLinux 107 Installs
    D-Laravel alias for Sublime3
  • Tubaina (afc)

    by leocwolter 105 Installs
    Package for sublime with syntax highlight and snippets of tubaina's afc format
  • SSE & AVX Intrinsics

    by Ilya Lavrenov 105 Installs
    Snippets and Completions for SSE & AVX Intrinsics for Sublime
  • Rune.js Completions

    by mphstudios ST3 105 Installs
    A Sublime Text package for Rune.js
  • Pynsist

    by idleberg ST3 105 Installs
    Language support and build-system for pynsist, a tool to build Windows installers for your Python applications