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  • Just Paste

    by Apathetic012 ST2 93 Installs
    A Sublime Text 2 plugin that uploads code snippets to JustPaste.me
  • SREC

    by Nicholas Buse 93 Installs
    SREC file format syntax definition for ST3
  • Rune.js Completions

    by mphstudios ST3 92 Installs
    A Sublime Text package for Rune.js
  • jsrevival

    by sdolard <sdolard@gmail.com> ST2 92 Installs
    Another interface to jslint. Base on jsrevival node package. Require node and jsrevival
  • Svelte

    by corneliusio ST3 91 Installs
    ­čĺíSublime Text syntax highlighting for Svelte components
  • LinesMultisets

    by heldev ST3 90 Installs
    This Sublime Text plugin allows you to compare, merge and manipulate lists of things, whether they are todo items, lists of files or arrays from API responses.
  • Vuln

    by Shimmy 90 Installs
    Sublime Vuln Plugin
  • Reaktoro

    by reaktoro 90 Installs
    A Sublime Text plug-in for interpreting Reaktoro scripts.
  • Gourmet

    by gourmet 90 Installs
    This plugin aims to help CakePHP developers using the Gourmet suite of plugins.
  • Shiftswitch

    by xsznix 89 Installs
    Adds commands to the command palette to set the indentation width and whether to use tabs or spaces, optionally re-indenting the entire file.
  • FloScript

    by hadfieldn 89 Installs
    Sublime Text package for Floscript
  • Hoon Syntax Highlighting

    by alexflint 88 Installs
    No description provided
  • EasyOpen

    by eiji.ienaga ST2 OS X 88 Installs
    Easy Open file helper tool. mac only
  • IPS Syntax

    by Matt C 87 Installs
    Syntax highlighter and autocomplete for Invision Powered products.
  • XLI Template Converter

    by apex2060 ST2 87 Installs
    Agilix now provides you with templates - which you can manipulate and override. You can use this plugin for sublimetext which will compile and de-compile any templates so you can easily modify and override existing templates.
  • Monkberry

    by monkberry 87 Installs
    Atom/Sublime support for Monkberry templates.
  • Umajin

    by AdamHarte 87 Installs
    A Umajin Bundle for Sublime Text
  • ReadRspec

    by AlexVKO 87 Installs
    Read specs in a documentation format like without run tests
  • SetlX Helper

    by LucaVazz 86 Installs
    An extension for SublimeText, VisualStudio Code, TextMate and IntelliJ IDEA to make writing SetlX-code comfortable. Compatible with SetlX Version 2.5.0 - 2.6.1
  • CoberturaCoverage

    by jeffrand ST3 86 Installs
    No description provided
  • P4Explorer

    by ymengesha ST3 Win 86 Installs
    A Sublime plugin for navigating through Perforce depot files.
  • Night Owl

    by VonHeikemen ST3 New 86 Installs
    A Sublime Text color scheme based on Sarah Drasner's Night Owl VSCode theme
  • StatusBarSymbols

    by OdinTech3 ST3 86 Installs
    Show symbol name in sublime's status bar based on cursor position
  • Split To Buffer

    by berendbaas ST2 85 Installs
    Very simple plugin that takes the selected regions in a file and pastes them in individual new files.
  • Pynsist

    by idleberg ST3 85 Installs
    Language support and build-system for pynsist, a tool to build Windows installers for your Python applications