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  • HSP

    by potato4d 216 Installs
    This is the Sublime Text HSP syntax package.
  • KIXtart

    by vipex 216 Installs
    KIXstart language definition for TextMate and Sublime Text
  • Portage

    by krizalys 216 Installs
    Portage package for Sublime Text.
  • Naetech - Pomodoro Timer Plug-in

    by naetech ST2 215 Installs
    Pomodoro plugin for sublime text
  • Today

    by rodrigoflores ST2 215 Installs
    Inserts today's date on Sublime
  • ExpandCMacro

    by pl-ca MacLinux 215 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 plugin that expands C/C++ macros.
  • Testo Highlighter

    by testo-lang ST3 214 Installs
    Syntax highlight for Testo framework
  • Nemerle

    by xeno-by 214 Installs
    Nemerle support for Sublime Text 2
  • X to Y

    by superguigui ST2 214 Installs
    sublime-text 2 package to duplicate lines while replacing x by y, width by height so on...
  • WPath

    by jtwebb ST3 214 Installs
    Add the path of file you're working on wherever your cursor is
  • RhetosDSL

    by Hugibeer 214 Installs
    Rhetos DSL syntax support for Sublime text
  • Propel

    by smhg 213 Installs
    Propel 1 generator commands for Sublime Text
  • Sketch.js

    by dmnsgn 213 Installs
    Completions and snippets for Sketch.js.
  • Copy Paste Killer

    by kyamaguchi ST3 213 Installs
    Sublime text 3 plugin to help to refactor duplicated code
  • Image Link Insertion

    by Jan Tojnar ST4 213 Installs
    Sublime Text package for quick insertion of many images into markdown document
  • Ludum Dare Countdown

    by andrenanninga 212 Installs
    Small sublime text package to show the countdown for Ludum Dare in the status bar
  • Haskell HSX

    by digitallyinduced 212 Installs
    Sublime Text Support For Haskell HSX QuasiQuotes
  • SublimeLinter-contrib-brew

    by idleberg ST3 212 Installs
    SublimeLinter plugin for Homebrew formulas
  • iTunes

    by airtoxin ST3 Mac 212 Installs
    Show iTunes playing track on sublime status bar.
  • Hashids

    by zergin ST3 211 Installs
    SublimeText 3 plugin for encoding and decoding hashids (hashids.org).
  • GotoDefinitionSplit

    by gerardroche 210 Installs
    Split definition.
  • Aftersave

    by Joaquin Miguez ST2 MacLinux 210 Installs
    Perform a custom action after saving a file

    by ksherlock ST3 209 Installs
    M/MUMPS/Cache language syntax file for TextMate, Sublime Text 2
  • Nano Bots

    by icebaker ST3 209 Installs
    Boost productivity and power your workflow with Nano Bots for Sublime Text: small, AI-powered bots that can be easily shared as a single file, designed to support multiple providers such as Cohere Command, Google Gemini, Maritaca AI MariTalk, Mistral AI, Ollama, OpenAI ChatGPT, and others, with support for calling tools (functions).
  • Clafer Tools

    by gsdlab 208 Installs
    Integration of Clafer Compiler and Instance Generators into Sublime Text 2/3