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  • Vray

    by Aloiseau 117 Installs
    Vrscene Syntax highlighter and Auto-Completion for Sublime Text
  • MotionBuilder

    by matthewkapfhammer WinLinux 117 Installs
    Send selected Python code snippets or whole files from SublimeText to MotionBuilder via telnet.
  • CMSSWLookup

    by riga 116 Installs
    Sublime Text 2/3 Plugin for easy CMSSW code lookup.
  • Pest PHP Snippets

    by geneowak 115 Installs
    Pest PHP V2 Snippets for Sublime Text
  • Crackshell

    by Crackshell ST3 115 Installs
    Syntax highlighters for Crackshell's AngelScript, SValue, Unit, and Effect file formats, for Sublime Text 3.
  • Asymptote

    by noelmurasko 115 Installs
    Syntax highlighting for Asymptote in Sublime Text.
  • Hyperscript

    by gnat ST4 114 Installs
    Hyperscript syntax highlighting for Sublime Text. (_hyperscript, HTMX)
  • WebIDL

    by queengooborg ST3 113 Installs
    Sublime Text syntax highlighting for WebIDL syntax defined by W3C
  • exercism

    by thosgood 113 Installs
    ST3 plugin for exercism.io
  • Toggle Sidebar Focus

    by educbraga 112 Installs
    A plugin for Sublime Text that allows you to open, focus, and close the sidebar with the same keyboard shortcut.
  • schema-rb

    by hedgesky ST3 112 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 package for quick navigation across tables in schema.rb
  • Maze Syntax

    by olls 111 Installs
    Package for Maze language Sublime Text integration.
  • xonsh

    by eugenesvk ST4 111 Installs
    xonsh syntax highlighting for Sublime Text
  • Hide Files

    by dunckr ST2 111 Installs
    Hide Files plugin for Sublime Text
  • KDL

    by eugenesvk ST4 111 Installs
    KDL syntax highlighting for Sublime Text
  • Janet

    by archydragon ST3 111 Installs
    Janet language support for Sublime Text
  • Cirru

    by Cirru 111 Installs
    Sublime Text Syntax hightlight for Cirru
  • SymbolBalloon

    by matsukido ST4 110 Installs
    Plugin for Sublime Text 4 that displays current function names
  • Squib Snippets

    by andymeneely 110 Installs
    SublimeText snippets for Squibbing.
  • Bow Tintin

    by bowphp ST3 110 Installs
    This package adds syntax definitions for Bow Tintin
  • LightSearch

    by prokopchukdim ST4 110 Installs
    A lightweight search plug-in built for Sublime Text 4. Inspired by WebSearch. Currently supports: custom search queries into Google using the LightSearch command in the Command Palette. Current highlighted text is automatically given as the default argument in the LightSearch command for convenience.
  • Cml Syntax Highlight

    by quyatong 110 Installs
    Sublime Text syntax highlighting for single-file Cml components
  • LogbackJsonLogViewer

    by Nenad Nenadović ST3 109 Installs
    Sublime Text plugin for viewing Logback style JSON formatted logs
  • Poster

    by ssddanbrown ST3 109 Installs
    A Sublime Text 3 plugin to post the contents of the current tab
  • Jester

    by absszero ST3 108 Installs
    No description provided