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  • VHDL

    by yangsu 33K Installs
    VHDL Package for Sublime Text
  • CSSFormat

    by hdemirchian ST2 33K Installs
    Sublime Text plugin to format CSS files
  • MarkdownLight

    by sekogan ST3 33K Installs
    Markdown syntax highlighting plugin and color scheme for Sublime Text 3
  • Color Scheme - Sleeplessmind

    by godbout 33K Installs
    Sleeplessmind (Dark) Color Theme for Sublime Text 2/3/4
  • DoxyDoxygen

    by 20Tauri 33K Installs
    Make commenting easier. Supports Doxygen, JsDoc3, PhpDocumentor...
  • CSV

    by ericmartel 33K Installs
    Basic operations on CSV files to sort and format their data
  • Sync Settings

    by mfuentesg 33K Installs
    Sync Settings - The cross-platform solution to keep Sublime Text configuration synchronized
  • Symfony2 Snippets

    by raulfraile 33K Installs
    A Sublime Text bundle for Symfony2 development
  • OpenInBrowser

    by bteryek 32K Installs
    On save opens up a user defined URL in your default web browser
  • zenburn

    by Colin T.A. Gray (colinta) ST3 32K Installs
    Zenburn color scheme.
  • Ruby Debugger

    by shuky19 32K Installs
    Interactive debugger for sublime
  • WordPress Developer Resources

    by tripflex 32K Installs
    Sublime Text 2/3 Plugin to search the new Wordpress Developer Resources (developer.wordpress.org)
  • Pandoc

    by tbfisher 32K Installs
    A Sublime Text plugin that uses Pandoc to convert text from one markup format into another. Pandoc can convert documents in markdown, reStructuredText, textile, HTML, DocBook, LaTeX, MediaWiki markup, OPML, or Haddock markup to XHTML, HTML5, HTML slide shows using Slidy, reveal.js, Slideous, S5, or DZSlides, Microsoft Word docx, OpenOffice/LibreOffice ODT, OpenDocument XML, EPUB version 2 or 3, FictionBook2, DocBook, GNU TexInfo, Groff man pages, Haddock markup, OPML, LaTeX, ConTeXt, LaTeX Beamer slides, PDF via LaTeX, Markdown, reStructuredText, AsciiDoc, MediaWiki markup, Emacs Org-Mode, Textile, or custom writers can be written in lua.
  • Emacs Pro Essentials

    by sublime-emacs 32K Installs
    Emacs Pro Essentials brings the most common emacs features and key bindings that you love to Sublime Text. The kill and mark rings, i-search, registers, numeric arguments, and cursor motion commands for chars/words/lines/s-expressions are all there and multi-cursor enhanced! Also, improved switch to buffer and zap/jump to char/string, and more!
  • npm

    by PixnBits ST3 32K Installs
    npm commands within Sublime Text
  • SublimeRope

    by JulianEberius ST2 32K Installs
    ST2 only, use SublimePythonIDE with ST3: Adds Python completions and some IDE-like functions to Sublime Text 2, through the use of the Rope library
  • Fortran

    by 315234 ST3 Trending 32K Installs
    Fortran syntax highlighting for Sublime Text 3
  • Simple JSX

    by ccampbell ST3 32K Installs
    Simple Sublime Text 3 JSX implementation
  • Better JavaScript

    by int3h 32K Installs
    Fixes to Sublime Text's JavaScript symbol list
  • gruvbox

    by Briles ST3 Trending 32K Installs
    🎨 Sublime Text themes & color schemes with pastel 'retro groove' colors
  • Theme - Spaceblack

    by TheBaronHimself 32K Installs
    A dark, minimal theme for Sublime Text.
  • Ionic Framework Snippets

    by imsingh 32K Installs
    This is a simple plugin for sublime text 3 for development of Mobile Apps with Ionic Framework.
  • HTML Nest Comments

    by philsinatra 32K Installs
    This is a Sublime Text 2 and 3 plugin allowing you to quickly comment out blocks of HTML code that already contain HTML comments.
  • Predawn Twilight Theme

    by jrnewell 32K Installs
    A modified twilight Sublime Text 3 Theme/Color Scheme for Predawn
  • SublimeLinter-contrib-htmlhint

    by htmlhint ST3 31K Installs
    A SublimeLinter plugin for HTML, using HTMLHint.