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  • GotoLastModified

    by Wuage-FE ST3 289 Installs
    Sublime3 plugin to only go back to the last edit position and locate the cursor at the same time
  • FEI Syntax-n-Snippets

    by jaabell 288 Installs
    Syntax highlighting and snippets for Finite Element Interpreter (UCD ESSI)
  • BetterTabCycling

    by ahuff44 288 Installs
    Tweaks the behavior of tab-switching when there are multiple panes
  • Combiner

    by bite-your-idols 288 Installs
    :dart: Combine and minify a list of local or remote CSS and/or Javascript files into a single one with Sublime Text
  • FcitxInput

    by ubuntugege Linux 287 Installs
    Integrate Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Vietnamese input via fcitx on linux platform
  • Antescofo

    by arshiacont 287 Installs
    Antescofo Language Package and Plugins for Sublime Text Editor
  • Expand Selection by Paragraph

    by natew ST2 286 Installs
    Command to expand your selection to the next or previous paragraph in Sublime Text 2
  • Renpy Script

    by torrentails ST3 286 Installs
    Syntax highlighting and management for the Ren'Py Script format for Sublime Text 3
  • Example Overflow

    by alexeyza ST2 285 Installs
    Searches and suggests code snippets based on Stack Overflow
  • Steadfast Color Scheme

    by serogers 285 Installs
    An easy-on-the-eyes color scheme for the everyday coder.
  • UbuntuPaste

    by 3v1n0 284 Installs
    Sublime Text 2 plugin to paste code snippets to Ubuntu pastebin.
  • Click

    by drbarrett 284 Installs
    Click Modular Router Configuration File Syntax for Sublime Text
  • Vintage YankStack

    by Quang-Linh LE ST3 284 Installs
    A yankstack (or Emacs Kill Ring equivalent) for ST3's Vintage
  • Kustom Color Schemes

    by kcmr 284 Installs
    Kustom Color Schemes for Sublime Text
  • SublimeLinter-contrib-spider

    by zekesonxx ST3 284 Installs
    SublimeLinter plugin for Spider.
  • Moai Debugger

    by DJHoltkamp ST2 283 Installs
    A Moai Debugger that is directly built into the Sublime text editior! This is still a work in progress and is a fork from the SublimeXDebug project.
  • Opa

    by MLstate ST2 282 Installs
    Opa mode for Sublime Text
  • BridleNSIS

    by idleberg 282 Installs
    BridleNSIS syntax definitions and completions for Sublime Text
  • Matrixify

    by jawb ST2 281 Installs
    A Sublime text 2 plugin to convert lines into a matrix format
  • Cacher

    by CacherApp 281 Installs
    Cacher plugin for Sublime Text 3.
  • BART

    by ganemone ST3 280 Installs
    BART Integration with Sublime Text 3
  • bioSyntax

    by bioSyntax ST3 280 Installs
    Syntax highlighting for computational biology. [ Sublime submodule ]
  • Switch Settings

    by t8m8 ST3 280 Installs
    This Sublime Text package makes it possible to switch another settings (User/Preferences.sublime-settings).
  • yasi-indenter

    by nkmathew 279 Installs
    Sublime Text plugin for correct s-expression indentation using yasi
  • Lift Snippets

    by eltimn 279 Installs
    Lift snippets for Sublime Text 2