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  • Updater

    by Kaizhi ST2 Win 707 Installs
    Auto updater for Sublime Text 2 - currently Windows only
  • KodiDevKit

    by phil65 ST3 707 Installs
    ST3 plugin to help with Kodi skinning / scripting (IDE-like)
  • ImpactJS

    by drhayes 705 Installs
    A package for doing ImpactJS development in Sublime Text 2.
  • Hover Locales

    by alvesjtiago ST3 704 Installs
    A Sublime Text 3 plugin to show different rails locale strings simply by hovering on a localized string.
  • Date

    by ololduck ST2 703 Installs
    No description provided
  • Cristina Color Scheme

    by edgarMejia 702 Installs
    Color-Scheme for Sublime Text 3
  • ChordPro

    by kudanai 701 Installs
    Adds ChordPro suppot to SublimeText2
  • FramerCompletion

    by awt2542 700 Installs
    Autocompletion for Framer.js in Sublime Text 2
  • Toks

    by thomasthorsen ST3 699 Installs
    C/C++ source code navigation using toks (similar to CTags and Cscope)
  • ToolRunner

    by Kutt Katrea ST3 697 Installs
    Execute a command-line tool with the contents of the buffer
  • NPMInfo

    by dsteinbach ST2 697 Installs
    Sublime Text plugin for displaying NPM information such as version, description, properties and methods, as well as a quick link to the repo and a link to open the package.json file.
  • XMPFilter

    by kassi 697 Installs
    Integration of xmpfilter to sublime text 2 as a plugin.
  • Query Completions Silencer

    by twolfson 696 Installs
    Silence query completions in Sublime Text
  • WebBuilder ST

    by Houfeng 695 Installs
    一个为Sublime Text2而开发的JS+CSS批量压缩插件(需要Mono或.NET)
  • DelayedSaveAll

    by shagabutdinov 695 Installs
    Save files one by one
  • Mybb Template Editor

    by ionutvmi ST3 695 Installs
    A simple sublime text 3 plugin that will allow you to edit mybb templates
  • ToggleSettings

    by lowerworld 695 Installs
    Toggle boolean type settings via the command palette.
  • FT Origami

    by Financial-Times 694 Installs
    FT Origami is a Sublime Text Plugin with auto-completion and colour highlighting
  • Kustom Color Schemes

    by kcmr 694 Installs
    Kustom Color Schemes for Sublime Text
  • Wildlife gutter theme

    by tushortz 692 Installs
    Vibrant Sublime linter gutter theme with five options for (Animals, Fruits, Gems, Insects and Planetary bodies)
  • DlangAutoImport

    by vitalfadeev ST3 692 Installs
    Sublime 3 D-lang AutoImport plugin. Add "import ...." for symbol.
  • Copy Paste Increment

    by xvrqt ST3 690 Installs
    Sublime Text plugin that copies the selected content while incrementing any numbers found within.
  • Kohana 3 Snippets

    by temperedvision 689 Installs
    Kohana 3 snippets for use in Sublime Text 2 & 3. Originally adapted from Textmate 2 Package (https://github.com/kohana/Kohana.tmbundle)
  • FastSwitch

    by papaDoc 688 Installs
    A Sublime Text 2 plugin. To switch between files
  • PasteSelOnClick

    by Clams 687 Installs
    Paste current selection where the user click without erasing clipboard. 2 mouse-binding are provided : - alt+right click for cut and paste - alt+ctrl+right click for copy and paste