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  • cexio-ticker

    by iceydee 2K Installs
    Cex.io GHS/XBT exchange rate ticker for Sublime Text status bar. Based on BitcoinTicker (https://github.com/pheuter/BitcoinTicker)
  • JumpTo

    by JonasPf, FichteFoll 2K Installs
    Sublime Text plugin to move (multiple) cursors
  • View Movement

    by danielhopkins ST2 2K Installs
    Add more advanced movement commands for Sublime Text 2
  • Fuse

    by fuse-open ST3 2K Installs
    Fuse Open plugin for Sublime Text
  • MCFunction

    by AjaxGb ST3 2K Installs
    A Sublime Text 3 plugin to add support for Minecraft function files (.mcfunction).
  • WebdriverIO

    by webdriverio-boneyard 2K Installs
    Sublime Text 2/3 bundle for WebdriverIO autocompletion
  • LuaFormatter

    by Koihik ST3 2K Installs
    No description provided
  • Zenoss

    by cluther 2K Installs
    Sublime Text 2 Package for Zenoss Development
  • LSP-OmniSharp

    by sublimelsp ST4 2K Installs
    Convenience plugin to install/update OmniSharp for LSP
  • Import Cost

    by julianburr ST3 WinMac 2K Installs
    Sublime Text 3 plugin that shows the import costs of imported JS modules
  • BridleNSIS

    by idleberg 2K Installs
    BridleNSIS syntax definitions and completions for Sublime Text
  • PureScript

    by b123400 ST3 2K Installs
    Purescript IDE integration for Sublime Text 3
  • Parinfer

    by oakmac 2K Installs
    Parinfer plugin for Sublime Text
  • ArmoryBlue

    by armory-io 2K Installs
    Tweaked and refined Sublime Text theme based on Cobalt2 by Wes Bos.
  • Blame Explorer

    by gatopeich ST3 2K Installs
    Seamlessly explore code's authorship and history from Sublime Text's gutter
  • Sublime Text API Helper

    by jugyo ST3 2K Installs
    Sublime Text Plugin to show API reference.
  • Hex to RGB Converter

    by vitorleal ST2 2K Installs
    :space_invader: Sublime Text 2 package for converting CSS hexadecimal colors into RGB
  • FolderTouch

    by rgb2hsl 2K Installs
    A tiny plugin for Sublime Text, wich touches a file's parent folder while perfoming a save operation.
  • Pine

    by gerardroche ST3 2K Installs
    A Pine programming language syntax for Sublime Text.
  • Block Nav

    by jmm 2K Installs
    Adds functionality to assist with navigating block structures in "braceless" languages like Ruby and Python where brace matching can not be used.
  • Harper Color Scheme

    by idleberg 2K Installs
    A color scheme inspired by the art of Charley Harper
  • Ant Buildfile

    by alefragnani 2K Installs
    A Sublime Text build system for running ANT for the active XML file, even if it is not named build.xml
  • Prismatic Color Scheme

    by huijing 2K Installs
    🌈 A dark yet excessively colourful Sublime Text theme
  • ACF Programmatic Fields

    by timlogemann 2K Installs
    Sublime Text | ACF Snippets for programmatic PHP fields
  • DokuWiki Syntax

    by bgx4k3p ST3 2K Installs
    DokuWiki syntax highlighting and basic TAB-autocompletions for Sublime Text 3