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  • CIDR Convert

    by shenanigans123 84 Installs
    Convert to/from cidr notation in Sublime Text
  • Subtitle Sync

    by apiad ST2 84 Installs
    A tiny plugin for changing sync of subtitle files in Sublime Text

    by drew-wallace ST3 83 Installs
    A Sublime Text plugin to make resolving merge conflicts easier. Based on Visual Studio Code's method.
  • Coral

    by coral-framework 83 Installs
    Plug-ins for developers using the Coral C++ Component Framework.
  • Cirru

    by Cirru 83 Installs
    Sublime Text Syntax hightlight for Cirru
  • SublimeLinter-contrib-selene

    by alihsaas ST3 83 Installs
    SublimeLinter plugin for lua, using selene
  • VarScoper

    by rcastagno ST2 83 Installs
    VarScoper integration for Sublime Text 2
  • Test Switcher

    by davidmreed ST3 81 Installs
    A Sublime Text extension to move between source and test files easily.
  • CodeShark

    by aroliant ST3 81 Installs
    Sublime Text Plugin for CodeShark Coding Platform
  • Dhall

    by lawrencebell ST3 80 Installs
    Dhall syntax highlighting for Sublime Text
  • EraBasic

    by Fegelein21 ST3 80 Installs
    EraBasic syntax package for Sublime Text 3. The syntax and keywords refer to Emuera Wiki
  • Roy

    by joneshf 80 Installs
    Adds support for Roy (compile, syntax).

    by eduzappa18 ST3 80 Installs
    MOHAA Scripting Languages syntax highlighting, code snippets, completions and tooltips for Sublime Text
  • TracRPC

    by Florian Cech ST3 80 Installs
    Trac RPC package for Sublime Text 3
  • Murphi

    by timlinsc ST3 80 Installs
    Murphi language support for Sublime
  • Issues

    by SublimeText 80 Installs
    The official bug tracking for Sublime Text, powered by us.
  • LyricEditor

    by UniFreak ST3 80 Installs
    Make sublime text a lyric editor. edit .lrc file, sync lyric with song
  • Inspr

    by wzhix ST3 80 Installs
    A CN-EN translation plugin that helps Chinese programmers to name variables.
  • PloneReload

    by maethu ST2 79 Installs
    plone.reload support for Sublime Text 2
  • Language - Italian - Italiano

    by PLIO, nixxo 79 Installs
    Italian Spelling Language for Sublime Text - Dizionario Italiano per Sublime Text
  • EdgeDB

    by edgedb 79 Installs
    EdgeDB plugin for Sublime Text, Atom, and VSCode
  • Mask

    by tenbits 78 Installs
    Sublime Text: Mask syntax support
  • StepList

    by dhodges ST2 78 Installs
    Sublime Text plugin. Displays all RSpec/Cucumber steps in the current project
  • SyncR

    by markdleblanc ST3 MacLinux 78 Installs
    File synchronization and comparison for Sublime Text.
  • gislacks

    by tanaikech 78 Installs
    This is a plugin of Sublime Text 3 for submitting files to both Gist and Slack.