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  • SublimeLinter-contrib-ameba

    by epergo ST3 MacLinux 122 Installs
    Sublime Linter for Ameba
  • CthulhuDolorem

    by jmacpherson ST2 122 Installs
    LoremIpsum plugin for Sublime Editor 2
  • LSP-ltex-ls

    by LDAP ST4 122 Installs
    Convenience package for the LTeX Language Server (Spell/Grammar check for LaTex and Markdown)
  • SublimeLinter-contrib-lacheck

    by thesave ST3 121 Installs
    This linter plugin for SublimeLinter provides an interface to lacheck.
  • Sudden Death

    by fukayatsu ST3 121 Installs
    A fun plugin which provide text decoration
  • Micro16 Syntax

    by hschne 121 Installs
    Syntax definitions for Micro16-Code
  • Paste Anywhere

    by FMCorz ST2 121 Installs
    Plugin for Sublime Text to paste multiple selections to your favourite paste site.
  • CodeDrafts

    by subeeshb ST3 121 Installs
    Share, review and discuss code snippets directly from Sublime Text to CodeDrafts, a code review tool.
  • Wollok

    by uqbar-project 120 Installs
    Sublime Package for Wollok Language
  • HgCommitMsg

    by tylorr MacLinux 120 Installs
    Sublime Text plugin "hg_commit_msg plugin": shows the hg commit history for one or more lines of code.
  • Keep Lines With Word

    by qianhk 120 Installs
    Keep lines with The given word (Sublime Text Package)
  • Monkberry

    by monkberry 120 Installs
    Atom/Sublime support for Monkberry templates.
  • Bunch

    by ttscoff Mac 119 Installs
    Bunch is a Mac automation app that runs on plain text files with the extension `.bunch`. It has its own "language", and this package provides syntax highlighting for Bunch files, as well as light/dark color schemes, snippets for common commands, and completion for app names.
  • lestle

    by lewislepton 119 Installs
    not too dark, not too bright. just right
  • Pants Build

    by foursquare MacLinux 118 Installs
    No description provided
  • RabbitVCS

    by lerous ST2 118 Installs
    A RabbitVCS plugin for Sublime-Text 2
  • Interpol

    by kode4food 118 Installs
    Sublime Package for Interpol Templates
  • CollaBroText

    by shantanu3637 ST3 Linux 118 Installs
    Sublime Text plugin to enhance collaborative coding by providing a "Google Docs" - like commenting system via highlights as well as background Git integration
  • Compile Jasper Template

    by MettleUp MacLinux 117 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 Plugin to compile JRXML into Jasper templates
  • Tower

    by tedmiston Mac 117 Installs
    Sublime Text → Tower
  • clean-css

    by 1000ch 117 Installs
    clean-css plugin for Sublime Text
  • SmarterLineMoves

    by trych 117 Installs
    A Sublime Text package that overrides Sublime's default line swapping to work in a more predictable way
  • Tubaina (afc)

    by leocwolter 116 Installs
    Package for sublime with syntax highlight and snippets of tubaina's afc format
  • Moonlight

    by mauroreisvieira ST4 116 Installs
    Sublime Theme with bubblegum colors on a moonlit background
  • FBP

    by paulyoung 115 Installs
    Support for the Flow Based Programming DSL.