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  • SublimeLinter-contrib-php-cs-fixer

    by jhoff ST3 4K Installs
    SublimeLinter plugin for php, using php-cs-fixer.
  • Request

    by twolfson 4K Installs
    Make HTTP requests from Sublime Text
  • ThemeScheduler

    by facelessuser ST3 4K Installs
    Sublime plugin to change your theme or apply filters to your themes at different times of the day
  • Git Mode

    by markbirbeck ST3 4K Installs
    A Git mode plugin built using the ShellCommand plugin, which makes customisation and adding new commands, super easy.
  • Theme - Rainbow

    by Pradyun Gedam ST3 4K Installs
    Adaptive themes for Sublime Text
  • ZSH

    by James Dinsdale 4K Installs
    Native ZSH autocompletion and snippets for sublime text
  • HyperClick

    by aziz ST3 4K Installs
    Quickly and easily jump between your files. The missing part of Go to definition functionality in Sublime.
  • eCSStractor

    by hudochenkov 4K Installs
    Sublime Text plugin for extracting class names from HTML and generate CSS stylesheet for following work.
  • SwiftKitten

    by johncsnyder 4K Installs
    Swift autocompleter for Sublime Text, via the adorable SourceKitten framework
  • Logs Colorize

    by Uoc Nguyen ST2 4K Installs
    View log files in colors
  • WordPress Code Reference

    by maheshwaghmare 4K Installs
    Sublime WordPress Code Reference - Search the codebase for documentation build with devhub https://developer.wordpress.org/.
  • Hosts

    by tijn 4K Installs
    Scrupulous syntax highlighting for /etc/hosts
  • Better Bookmarks

    by dusk125 ST3 4K Installs
    BetterBookmarks extends the built-in Sublime Text 3 bookmarking system to allow for persistent bookmarks and bookmark layers.
  • Open Recent Files

    by spadgos ST2 4K Installs
    A package which adds Ctrl+Shift+T to open the most recent files.
  • Verilog Gadget

    by poucotm 4K Installs
    🔧 Verilog plugin for Sublime Text 2/3. It helps to generate a simple testbench, instantiate a module, insert a user-header, repeat codes with formatted incremental/decremental numbers, etc.
  • ASCII Comment Snippets

    by dgrebb 4K Installs
    A collection of Sublime Text snippets that expand into large, highly visible code comments.
  • Layout

    by loggerhead ST3 4K Installs
    A powerful plugin to split window like tmux for Sublime Text 3.
  • LoremText

    by Jeremy Yu ST2 4K Installs
    Generate random or fixed lorem ipsum placeholder text.
  • Rainmeter

    by thatsIch Win 4K Installs
    Rainmeter Package for Sublime Text 3
  • SelectUntil

    by xavi- 4K Installs
    A sublime package that lets you expand your current selection until a specific character, regex, or char-count is encountered.
  • AutoSetSyntax

    by jfcherng ST3 4K Installs
    This plugin automatically sets the syntax for your file if possible.
  • Mustache

    by cedeber ST3 4K Installs
    Mustache Syntax Definitions and Snippets for Sublime Text 3
  • Theme - LP

    by dubeg 4K Installs
    Light interface theme for SublimeText
  • Nette

    by Michal-Mikolas 4K Installs
    Latte syntax definition, code completions and snippets for Sublime Text 2
  • LastModifiedIndicator

    by wag 4K Installs
    Sublime Text 2/3 plugin indicating the last modified line