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  • Localpod

    by ijoyc 61 Installs
    A Sublime Text 3 package for Cocoapods. Automatically replace your pods with local pods.
  • Hookblime

    by Pafsis ST2 61 Installs
    Flexible and generic plugin to hook onto sublime's file state events
  • Compass Navigator

    by kapitanluffy ST4 60 Installs
    🧭 Never get lost again navigating your code with Compass!
  • ChecksumUPC

    by Darimart 60 Installs
    A plugin for Sublime Text 3 that adds the checkdigit to selected 11 digit UPC-As
  • Tryton Snippets

    by datalifeit 60 Installs
    No description provided
  • gmESSI-gmsh Tools

    by SumeetSinha 59 Installs
    A sublime Plugin for the GmshTranslator that translates from Gmsh to UCD ESSI (.fei) File Format
  • Hyle

    by Hyle-Script 59 Installs
    This package is designed to help reading and writing .hyle files.
  • LaravelTestingCompletions

    by gerardroche 59 Installs
    Laravel testing completions for Sublime Text.
  • Shadowenv

    by Shopify ST3 59 Installs
    No description provided
  • Coreboot syntax

    by coreboot ST3 58 Installs
    read-only mirror of https://review.coreboot.org/sublime-text-coreboot-syntax
  • LSP-VHDL-ls

    by martinbarez ST4 WinLinux 58 Installs
    VHDL language server for Sublime
  • Grace

    by zmthy 58 Installs
    A Textmate Bundle for the Grace programming language
  • GotoPhpManual

    by gerardroche ST3 57 Installs
    A Sublime Text plugin for jumping to tags in the PHP Manual.
  • Simple math

    by Pau1R 57 Installs
    Sublime plugin that does math operations with numbers found in text (summarize, calculate expression, etc.)
  • Asymptote

    by noelmurasko 57 Installs
    Syntax highlighting for Asymptote in Sublime Text.
  • FollowLnk

    by jfcherng ST4 56 Installs
    Open the target file of a .lnk file.
  • SUCC Syntax Highlighting

    by pipe01 ST3 56 Installs
    SUCC syntax highlighting for Sublime Text 3
  • Claat Snippets

    by sjg 56 Installs
    Making writing CLAAT (Google's CodeLab As A Thing) markdown files fun and easy on Sublime Text since 2020.
  • Graciela

    by GracielaUSB 56 Installs
    Resaltador de sintaxis del lenguaje Graciela para el editor Sublime Text
  • BSScript

    by rusiv ST3 56 Installs
    No description provided
  • RulerProximityIndicator

    by monsieurluge ST3 55 Installs
    Ruler Proximity Indicator plugin for Sublime Text
  • Nano Bots

    by icebaker ST3 55 Installs
    Enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow by integrating the power of Nano Bots with your Sublime Text code editor: small, AI-powered bots easily shared as a single file, designed to support multiple providers such as Vicuna, OpenAI ChatGPT, Google PaLM, Alpaca, and LLaMA.
  • Freya

    by mistydemeo 55 Installs
    Loose adaptation of Georg Dahn's Freya for Sublime Text / TextMate
  • Executor

    by tonsky ST4 MacLinux 54 Installs
    Run any executable from your working dir in Sublime Text
  • Kirikae

    by dvcrn 54 Installs
    Quickly jump to a open tabs / files