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  • Subtitle Sync

    by apiad ST2 84 Installs
    A tiny plugin for changing sync of subtitle files in Sublime Text
  • VarScoper

    by rcastagno ST2 83 Installs
    VarScoper integration for Sublime Text 2
  • PyRock

    by Abhishek Kumar ST4 81 Installs
    Sublime Text plugin to generate python import statements and run tests
  • WebHare

    by WebHare ST3 MacLinux 81 Installs
    WebHare integration for Sublime Text
  • Squiggle

    by squiggle-lang 81 Installs
  • GitHub File Fetcher

    by Denny Korsukéwitz 81 Installs
    This package searches and fetches files from GitHub.
  • Coreboot syntax

    by coreboot ST3 81 Installs
    read-only mirror of https://review.coreboot.org/sublime-text-coreboot-syntax
  • BSScript

    by rusiv ST3 80 Installs
    No description provided
  • Inspr

    by wzhix ST3 80 Installs
    A CN-EN translation plugin that helps Chinese programmers to name variables.
  • Issues

    by SublimeText 80 Installs
    The official bug tracking for Sublime Text, powered by us.
  • CustomStatusMessage

    by jfcherng ST4 80 Installs
    This plugin sets a custom message in the status bar.
  • Executor

    by tonsky ST4 MacLinux 80 Installs
    Run any executable from your working dir in Sublime Text
  • Dhall

    by lawrencebell ST3 80 Installs
    Dhall syntax highlighting for Sublime Text
  • Claat Snippets

    by sjg 79 Installs
    Making writing CLAAT (Google's CodeLab As A Thing) markdown files fun and easy on Sublime Text since 2020.
  • GoEscape

    by shellzen ST3 Linux 79 Installs
    GoEscape higlight lines that escapes to heap
  • PureCM

    by PureCM 79 Installs
    Supports PureCM checkout, add, delete, revert, diff, history, update, submit and
  • Snappy

    by chenditc MacLinux 79 Installs
    Reads Snappy files in Sublime Text. Snappy files are opened in read-only mode.
  • NeoVintageousColemak

    by gerardroche ST3 79 Installs
    Colemak mappings.
  • gamY

    by MartinBonde ST3 Win 79 Installs
    Syntax files and more to support gamY in SublimeText3. gamY is a macro langauge built on top of GAMS.
  • PloneReload

    by maethu ST2 79 Installs
    plone.reload support for Sublime Text 2
  • StepList

    by dhodges ST2 78 Installs
    Sublime Text plugin. Displays all RSpec/Cucumber steps in the current project
  • SyncR

    by markdleblanc ST3 MacLinux 78 Installs
    File synchronization and comparison for Sublime Text.
  • FollowLnk

    by jfcherng ST4 78 Installs
    Open the target file of a .lnk file.
  • AutoDarkLinux

    by smac89 ST4 Linux 78 Installs
    Fix auto dark mode for sublime on Linux :sunglasses:
  • Paste to paste.pm

    by while1eq1 ST2 77 Installs
    A SublimeText 2 plugin to paste code to paste.pm