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  • Dota KV

    by bhargavrpatel 5K Installs
    Valve's KV Syntax, Snippets, and plugins for Dota 2 Workshop's custom gamemode developers. Version 1.0.4 (Jan 29th 2015)
  • UnrealScriptIDE

    by Zinggi 5K Installs
    Auto-completion, Syntax Highlighting, Go to Declaration, Build and Run and more..
  • JSHint Inline

    by bitbonsai ST2 5K Installs
    JSHint HTML files or other files that contains script tags. Requires node.js
  • Behat Features

    by tomav 5K Installs
    Provides Syntax highlighting for your .feature files with full support of Behat / Cucumber keywords. Currently supports english, french, spanish, portuguese, german, italian and russian.
  • Markdown to Clipboard

    by zhimiaoli 5K Installs
    A simple plugin that convert markdown text to HTML in Sublime Text and send it to your Clipboard
  • Oceanic Next Italic Color Scheme

    by Bloemert 5K Installs
    Color scheme for VS Code, Sublime Text and Atom
  • Better RSpec

    by fnando ST3 5K Installs
    Better RSpec syntax highlighting, with matchers for v3. Also includes implementation/spec toggling command.
  • Apex Snippets

    by dirajkumar ST3 5K Installs
    Apex code snippets for development on Salesforce platform
  • Follow Function PHP

    by draffter ST2 5K Installs
    Package allows you to go to body of function under cursor in PHP files and display standard php function definition
  • FileCommands

    by danhper 5K Installs
    Commands to work with files in Sublime Text
  • Front End Snippets

    by jleonard 5K Installs
    Sublime Text snippets for common .js, css and html tasks
  • PowerCursors

    by MaokaiLin ST3 5K Installs
    A Sublime Text 3 package that makes the add/remove/select of multiple cursors more convenient with keyboard.
  • RailsGoToSpec

    by sporto 5K Installs
    Sublime Text 3 plug-in for going to Rails spec file
  • ZSH

    by James Dinsdale 5K Installs
    Native ZSH autocompletion and snippets for sublime text
  • SourceTree

    by PhillSparks 5K Installs
    Very simple plugin to open SourceTree (http://sourcetreeapp.com/) from Sublime Text 2 (http://www.sublimetext.com/2).
  • CodeKit

    by ManxStef 5K Installs
    CodeKit .kit file syntax highlighting for Sublime Text
  • DuplicateSelections

    by Colin T.A. Gray (colinta) ST3 5K Installs
    If you have an equal number of empty selections (cursors) and selections, this command will place each selection at the corresponding cursor location.
  • Missing Palette Commands

    by fjl 5K Installs
    Menu Commands that are missing from the Sublime Text 2 Command Palette
  • HyperClick

    by aziz ST3 5K Installs
    Quickly and easily jump between your files. The missing part of Go to definition functionality in Sublime.
  • HTML2Slim

    by parterburn ST3 5K Installs
    Sublime Text 3 Plugin to convert HTML to SLIM
  • PowershellUtils

    by SublimeText ST2 5K Installs
    Run powershell commands from within Sublime Text.
  • LinkOpener

    by NoxArt 5K Installs
    Tiny plugin for opening links and web searching
  • Ruby Markers

    by mmims 5K Installs
    Execute and Update '# =>' Markers using xmpfilter from the rcodetools gem.
  • SublimeLinter-erlc

    by SublimeLinter ST3 5K Installs
    SublimeLinter plugin for Erlang, using erlc
  • Apple Pips Color Scheme

    by idleberg 5K Installs
    Color scheme inspired by the Apple Pips record label