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  • CFEngine

    by lastops 798 Installs
    CFEngine language highlighting for Sublime Text
  • Hyperledger Composer

    by chevdor 796 Installs
    A set of SublimeText syntax, theme, snippets for the Hyperledger Composer.
  • Keras

    by Martin Thoma 794 Installs
    Sublime Package with snippets for Keras
  • WordPress Salts

    by idleberg ST3 793 Installs
    Context-aware WordPress salt key insertion for PHP, YAML and DotEnv files without the need of an internet-connection
  • AnB (Alice and Bob Notation)

    by futek 791 Installs
    AnB (Alice and Bob Notation) syntax highlighting and build system for Sublime Text
  • Ruby Extract Method

    by pashamur ST2 790 Installs
    Sublime Text Plugin that allows you to perform the Extract Method refactoring in ruby code. Inspired by https://github.com/wesf90/rails-partial
  • Modula-2 Language Syntax

    by harogaston 788 Installs
    Este paquete ofrece realce de sintaxis para el lenguaje Modula-2 en Sublime Text 2. This package provides syntax highlighting capabilities for the Modula-2 programming language in Sublime Text 2.
  • QuickOpen

    by zsytssk ST3 787 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 plugin: quick Open
  • Hipster

    by bjarneo 786 Installs
    Sublime Text Color Scheme
  • five_easy_color_schemes

    by gerardroche ST3 785 Installs
    Monokai, Solarized, and three other popular color schemes for Sublime Text
  • Reform

    by Suor 784 Installs
    A Sublime Text plugin to move through and reform things
  • Pumpkin Color Scheme

    by afonsopacifer 782 Installs
    :jack_o_lantern: A halloween theme, inspired on Github Halloween Themed Contribution Graph.
  • Click To Partial

    by alvesjtiago ST3 781 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 plugin for clicking a rails partial path and open the file.
  • CUE Sheet

    by relikd 781 Installs
    Adds language support for CUE sheets in Sublime Text 2 and Sublime Text 3
  • Unsplash

    by urre 781 Installs
    Unsplash for Sublime Text
  • sablecc-syntax

    by ayonix 780 Installs
    Syntax definition of SableCC for sublime-text/textmate
  • Chopstick Autocompletion

    by getchopstick 780 Installs
    Sublime Text autocomplete
  • WrapCommand

    by Kay-Uwe (Kiwi) Lorenz (klorenz) 780 Installs
    A Command Wrapper providing an unified and easy to use interface regarding variable expansion.
  • Sk-ST3

    by Ayham Al-Ali 780 Installs
    Skript Language Modern Syntax Highlighting. Skript is a Minecraft plugin that allows you to write codes with plain english and use it as plugins
  • DummyData

    by blcook223 779 Installs
    A Sublime Text plugin for generating dummy JSON data
  • Profile Switcher

    by tonsky 779 Installs
    Profile Switcher for Sublime Text
  • Koala

    by magneto538 779 Installs
    Koala is an advanced scripting library for Kontakt KSP developers.
  • ePub

    by titoBouzout ST3 778 Installs
    Open epub files with Sublime Text for reading
  • Pelican

    by jsliang 778 Installs
    A Sublime Text plugin that makes writing Pelican articles easier and faster.
  • Ultimate Dark Neo

    by rubjo 778 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 theme + scheme, inspired by Spacegray + Mariana