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  • RhetosDSL

    by Hugibeer 195 Installs
    Rhetos DSL syntax support for Sublime text

    by ofekih ST3 194 Installs
    A LOLCODE sublimetext 3 package
  • WP Keygen

    by iamfredric 194 Installs
    No description provided
  • Kung Fury

    by argyleink ST3 193 Installs
    80's dark retro theme for VS Code and Sublime Text
  • JamfLog

    by jorks ST3 193 Installs
    JamfLog is a Sublime Text syntax highlighter for Jamf Pro server logs.
  • Wrap

    by futureprogrammer360 192 Installs
    🤖 Sublime Text plugin that "passes" text selected or under cursor into brackets
  • Synonymizer

    by A5308Y ST3 192 Installs
    Find and chose synonyms directly from within sublime
  • Fantom

    by Matthew Giannini ST3 192 Installs
    Sublime Text plugin for the Fantom programming language
  • S-Expressions Syntax

    by whitequark ST3 191 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 syntax definition for S-Expressions
  • ClearCursorsCarets

    by evandrocoan 191 Installs
    To clear the Sublime Text mouse selections before close any opened panel when hitting the `escape` key
  • Ballerina

    by nipunsampath ST3 190 Installs
    Syntax highlighting and Code completion in Ballerina
  • Ludum Dare Countdown

    by andrenanninga 190 Installs
    Small sublime text package to show the countdown for Ludum Dare in the status bar
  • MelonJS Completions

    by swmuron 189 Installs
    Sublime Text Package for MelonJS completions
  • GrowlNotifier

    by Corbinian Bergunde ST2 Mac 188 Installs
    GrowlNotifier is a plugin which use growl notfication with user events.
  • Read Only Buffer

    by crazybyte ST2 188 Installs
    SublimeReadOnlyBuffer is small plugin for setting Sublime Text 2 editor buffer(s) read-only and maintaning the read-only/read-write state of an edited file between editing sessions using a filename cache.
  • Codepad.org Paste Plugin

    by dangelov ST3 188 Installs
    This is a Sublime Text 3 plugin to easily paste to the popular Codepad.org.
  • IMSwitchForVintage

    by zhongxingdou Mac 188 Installs
    auto switch input method to U.S. for vintage command mode in sublime text
  • Language - Mongolian

    by bataak 188 Installs
    Монгол үгийн алдаа шалгах толь, Mongolian spellchecking dictionary
  • Testo Highlighter

    by testo-lang ST3 187 Installs
    Syntax highlight for Testo framework
  • Open in Total Commander

    by HackerBaloo ST2 187 Installs
    A sublime plugin that allows you to open selected file in Total Commander or other app if you tweek the settings a bit
  • Soar Tools

    by garfieldnate 187 Installs
    Package for Soar development in Sublime Text
  • Cowsay

    by adamchainz 186 Installs
    ✏️🐮 A silly little Sublime Text plugin for 2 and 3 to allow you to quickly convert a text selection to a cow speech bubble via the brilliant cowsay utility.

    by Wirewraith 185 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 code support and build system for BYOND tools.
  • Locate

    by sergey-kucher ST3 MacLinux 184 Installs
    Locate and open file in two steps
  • Hashids

    by zergin ST3 184 Installs
    SublimeText 3 plugin for encoding and decoding hashids (hashids.org).