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  • Reaktoro

    by reaktoro 89 Installs
    A Sublime Text plug-in for interpreting Reaktoro scripts.
  • OpenLastRPT

    by jonpas 88 Installs
    Open Last RPT (Arma log) file plugin for Sublime Text 2/3
  • Gourmet

    by gourmet 88 Installs
    This plugin aims to help CakePHP developers using the Gourmet suite of plugins.
  • EasyOpen

    by eiji.ienaga ST2 OS X 88 Installs
    Easy Open file helper tool. mac only
  • SREC

    by Nicholas Buse 88 Installs
    SREC file format syntax definition for ST3
  • Mahou Caret Display Server

    by BladeMight ST3 Win 88 Installs
    Mahou Caret Display Server for Mahou's Caret Language Display feature to work with Sublime Text 3.
  • APPCloud

    by mingyuanyun-open ST3 88 Installs
    appcloud plugin for sublime text3
  • Hoon Syntax Highlighting

    by alexflint 87 Installs
    No description provided
  • XLI Template Converter

    by apex2060 ST2 87 Installs
    Agilix now provides you with templates - which you can manipulate and override. You can use this plugin for sublimetext which will compile and de-compile any templates so you can easily modify and override existing templates.
  • Monkberry

    by monkberry 87 Installs
    Atom/Sublime support for Monkberry templates.
  • Niji

    by umazi 87 Installs
    Sublime Text and Visual Studio Code Color Scheme
  • IPS Syntax

    by Matt C 86 Installs
    Syntax highlighter and autocomplete for Invision Powered products.
  • Hover Locales

    by alvesjtiago ST3 86 Installs
    A Sublime Text 3 plugin to show different rails locale strings simply by hovering on a localized string.
  • FloScript

    by hadfieldn 85 Installs
    Sublime Text package for Floscript
  • Umajin

    by AdamHarte 85 Installs
    A Umajin Bundle for Sublime Text
  • WebDevShell

    by TheDoctor0 ST3 85 Installs
    WebDevShell is a plugin for executing shell commands related to web apps development in Sublime Text.
  • Split To Buffer

    by berendbaas ST2 85 Installs
    Very simple plugin that takes the selected regions in a file and pastes them in individual new files.
  • ReadRspec

    by AlexVKO 84 Installs
    Read specs in a documentation format like without run tests
  • SetlX Helper

    by LucaVazz 84 Installs
    An extension for SublimeText, VisualStudio Code, TextMate and IntelliJ IDEA to make writing SetlX-code comfortable. Compatible with SetlX Version 2.5.0 - 2.6.1
  • Subtitle Sync

    by apiad ST2 84 Installs
    A tiny plugin for changing sync of subtitle files in Sublime Text
  • Vuln

    by Shimmy 84 Installs
    Sublime Vuln Plugin
  • Shiftswitch

    by xsznix 84 Installs
    Adds commands to the command palette to set the indentation width and whether to use tabs or spaces, optionally re-indenting the entire file.
  • Wollok

    by uqbar-project 83 Installs
    Sublime Package for Wollok Language
  • VarScoper

    by rcastagno ST2 83 Installs
    VarScoper integration for Sublime Text 2
  • CoberturaCoverage

    by jeffrand ST3 82 Installs
    No description provided