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  • Oceanic Primal Color Scheme

    by barlog-m 258 Installs
    Oceanic Primal color scheme for Sublime Text
  • cp2k-syntax

    by nholmber ST3 258 Installs
    CP2K input file syntax highlighting for SublimeText 3
  • Expand Selection to Line Before

    by dotmaster ST2 257 Installs
  • NgAnnotate

    by kamilkp 257 Installs
    Quickly add or update AngularJS annotations to any function in your code.
  • ComplexBuild

    by lucteo 255 Installs
    Sublime Text plugin that allows creating more complex build environments, with multiple commands and variables
  • Spec Focuser

    by wireframe 255 Installs
    Sublime Text plugin for toggling focus on currently selected spec
  • Morse

    by hippasus 254 Installs
    Morse code encode & decode plugin for the sublime text editor.
  • tQuery

    by jeromeetienne 254 Installs
    sublime text plugin for tQuery
  • Delphin Assistant

    by adoxography ST3 254 Installs
    Sublime enhancements for grammar engineering with DELPH-IN tools
  • DFML (for Dwarf Fortress raws)

    by philipguin 254 Installs
    A simple DFML (Dwarf Fortress Markup Language) package for the Sublime 2 IDE! Allows Sublime 2 to syntax highlight DFML via scoping rules.
  • Contao Front-End Snippets

    by marcobiedermann 254 Installs
    A Sublime Text snippet library for Contao Front-End Classes. Compatible with Contao 4.2.X and 3.5.X.
  • ContextualMove

    by davidson16807 253 Installs
    Ctrl+IJKL to move. Other keys toggle move behavior. You can move by characters, words, search results, and more.
  • NP-Complete

    by Nax ST3 MacLinux 253 Installs
    A C/C++ autocomplete plugin for Sublime Text
  • FoxCode

    by Hexenon ST2 Win 251 Installs
    All you need to code in Foxpro
  • Open in ConEmu

    by connec ST2 Win 251 Installs
    Adds a context menu item to folders in the side bar to open the folder in a new ConEmu tab.
  • LinesMultisets

    by heldev ST3 250 Installs
    This Sublime Text plugin allows you to compare, merge and manipulate lists of things, whether they are todo items, lists of files or arrays from API responses.
  • VisualizeZeroWidthChars

    by jfcherng ST3 250 Installs
    ❌ [Deprecated] A Sublime Text 3 plugin which indicates locations of zero-width chars by default.
  • RealityCheck

    by bollu ST3 250 Installs
    Sublime text plugin for live value watching for interpreted languages
  • Wind

    by phyllisstein 250 Installs
    Move Sublime Text 2 and 3 files between windows
  • SublimeLinter-contrib-vale

    by adamhollett ST3 249 Installs
    Plugin for SublimeLinter to provide an interface to Vale
  • Laynger

    by amaslenn 249 Installs
    Laynger (Layout Changer) is a plugin for Sublime Text 2 which allows to change layout borders using keyboard
  • SubRed

    by noma4i ST3 248 Installs
    Redmine Client for SublimeText
  • SkoolkitZ80

    by mrcook ST3 247 Installs
    Z80 Assembly language syntax for Skoolkit .skool files in SublimeText 3
  • ContextBuild

    by sellerengine ST2 247 Installs
    Smarter build support for Sublime Text editor
  • Nbspr

    by ssddanbrown 247 Installs
    A super simple Sublime Text plugin for replacing all spaces in a selection with ' ' elements.