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  • Tips

    by kapitanluffy ST4 45 Installs
    💡 Show random tips for Sublime Text
  • Mattermost Post

    by rubberneck ST3 45 Installs
    Posts selected text from Sublime Text to Mattermost
  • MCS_Syntax

    by bmpenuelas ST3 45 Installs
    FPGA PROM memory MCS format syntax highlight for hex editing.
  • RemoteTree

    by deNULL ST3 WinMac 45 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 plugin for browsing remote file tree via SFTP
  • OctoTool

    by royisme ST2 Mac 45 Installs
    Sublime Text 2 Plugin to writer and deploy Octopress
  • XPX

    by infocosme ST3 45 Installs
    Add XPX syntax to Sublime Text
  • Voxa Framework Snippets

    by wuelcas 45 Installs
    Code snippets to speed up your Alexa skill development using the Voxa Framework
  • udp-trace

    by dave-f ST2 45 Installs
    A simple Sublime Text plugin to view text (eg debug logs) over a UDP port
  • FollowLnk

    by jfcherng ST4 44 Installs
    Open the target file of a .lnk file.
  • fasd

    by externl 44 Installs
    Fasd directory jumping for Sublime Text
  • WML

    by Severin Glöckner ST3 44 Installs
    Adds support for the Wesnoth Markup Language.
  • Transience

    by jakelucas ST2 44 Installs
    A Sublime Text 2 and 3 plugin that ensures you will always have a permanent preview of a transient file open when all tabs are closed wherever possible
  • SmartIM

    by overcache Mac 43 Installs
    reset input method to us when enter normal_mode, and restore previous input method when you enter insert_mode
  • Npackd

    by idleberg 43 Installs
    Syntax completions and snippets for creating Npackd XML files
  • Imaginarium

    by yikesdotgov ST3 43 Installs
    Syntax highlighting for Imaginarium
  • rdio

    by jamesfzhang ST3 Mac 43 Installs
    Control Rdio for Mac playstate, track info, collections & mobile sync
  • Kodery

    by tgvashworth 43 Installs
    Kodery for Sublime Text 2
  • HISE Script

    by Levitanus ST3 43 Installs
    Tool for better scripting hise inside ST3
  • Retrosheet Syntax

    by cantpitch ST3 43 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 Syntax Files for Retrosheet Files
  • NukeToolsST

    by virgilsisoe 42 Installs
    A Sublime Text package that allows to send python or blinkscript code to be executed inside Nuke.
  • webAgent

    by seanfagan 42 Installs
    Sublime syntax highlighting for webAgent
  • Idyll Lang Snippets

    by fhightower 42 Installs
    Sublime Text snippets for using the Idyll markup language.
  • Mint Lang

    by Orgmir ST3 42 Installs
    A Sublime Text package for the Mint language
  • Romanize

    by GCTsalamagkakis 42 Installs
    Number Romanization Plugin For Sublime Text 3
  • NetYCE syntax highlighting

    by bartdorlandt ST3 42 Installs
    Sublime text 3 highlighting syntax for NetYCE for both templates and scenarios