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  • AddRemoveFolder

    by fsaad ST3 485 Installs
    Sublime text plugin which provides keyboard bindings and auto-completions to add or remove files/folders.
  • SDC Constraints

    by leoheck 483 Installs
    Sublime Text Synopsys Constraints Syntax (.sdc)
  • Go Toggle Declare

    by waigani 482 Installs
    GoToggleDeclare is a Golang plugin for Sublime Text which toggles the short variable declaration := and the assignment operator =.
  • iReset

    by msudgh 482 Installs
    CSS Resets Sinppet For Sublime Text 2/3
  • Bing Translator

    by sys1yagi ST2 482 Installs
    Bing Translator plugin for Sublime Text 2.
  • Qunit Snippets

    by maxhoffmann 480 Installs
    :page_with_curl: QUnit completions for Sublime Text
  • snake_case

    by vbali ST2 479 Installs
    Converts the selected text to a lower case, snake_case representation without accents in Sublime Text 2
  • MDN Search

    by jackfranklin ST2 476 Installs
    Search the MDN from within Sublime Text 2
  • ComposerPackageInfo

    by Goto Hayato ST3 476 Installs
    A Sublime Text 3 package which provides a popup for Composer packages.
  • Custom Tasks

    by Eun ST2 476 Installs
    CustomTasks Plugin for Sublime Text
  • Fancy Projects

    by Christopher Kaster ST2 475 Installs
    This plugin allows you to create any kind of project from your own custom templates.
  • MessagesPylint

    by KristoforMaynard ST3 OS XLinux 475 Installs
    Yet another plugin for pylint in Sublime Text
  • Merge Windows

    by Chinedu Ezeamuzie ST3 475 Installs
    This Plugin allows the merging of all tabs in separate windows into a single window in SublimeText 3
  • SuperCollider ST3

    by acarabott ST3 475 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 Package for SuperCollider
  • Beancount

    by draug3n ST3 471 Installs
    Bits and pieces to facilitate accounting with Beancount.
  • Sinon

    by mokkabonna 470 Installs
    Snippets for sinon.js assertions
  • Dream Maker

    by seiyria 470 Installs
    A Sublime Text 2 Theme/Build System for Dream Maker (http://byond.com)
  • DummyData

    by blcook223 469 Installs
    A Sublime Text plugin for generating dummy JSON data
  • Expect

    by mokkabonna 467 Installs
    Snippets for expect.js assertions
  • Perfect Code

    by b0xw00d 467 Installs
    Color scheme for Sublime Text
  • LanguagePortuguese

    by gusbemacbe 465 Installs
    Brazilian and European Portuguese Spelling Language for Sublime Text 3 - Dicionário de Português BR & PT (antes e depois AO 1990) para Sublime Text 3
  • sublimious

    by dvcrn ST3 OS XLinux 465 Installs
    Sublime configuration kit inspired by spacemacs and focused around VIM
  • ToggleSettings

    by lowerworld 463 Installs
    Toggle boolean type settings via the command palette.
  • Swift Autocomplete

    by Dan2552 OS XLinux 462 Installs
    Swift autocompletion in Sublime Text using SourceKitten
  • PgcliSublime

    by darikg ST3 461 Installs
    A Sublime Text 3 plugin supporting smart autocompletion for postgresql via pgcli