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  • Ludum Dare Countdown

    by andrenanninga 152 Installs
    Small sublime text package to show the countdown for Ludum Dare in the status bar
  • Share File

    by devdinu 151 Installs
    Sublime Plugin to share the current opened file, by uploading it to server, and others can download it
  • Flowstate

    by goodmind 151 Installs
    Sublime plugin which deletes what you typing
  • Clafer Tools

    by gsdlab 151 Installs
    Integration of Clafer Compiler and Instance Generators into Sublime Text 2/3
  • Hogan Build

    by individuo7 ST2 151 Installs
    Provides build systems for `.mustache` files. Requires hulk (via hogan.js) on OSX and Linux.
  • Language SAP

    by krasnobaev ST3 151 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 syntax support for different SAP source files
  • EdgeOS

    by lojoja ST3 151 Installs
    Syntax highlighting for EdgeMax EdgeOS.
  • DocReflow

    by Phaiax ST3 151 Installs
    Sublime Text 3: Plugin that reorders flow text within comments
  • Quasar Snippets

    by bunya017 151 Installs
    Quasar Framework snipppets for sublime text 3.
  • PaletteFile

    by vshotarov 150 Installs
    A Sublime Text plugin to help with creating files and folders within projects with deep hierarchies quickly and easily.
  • zmq

    by reqshark OS XLinux 150 Installs
    minimal messaging interface for Sublime Text 3
  • FarCry

    by seancoyne 149 Installs
    A collection of FarCry snippets for Sublime Text
  • Duplicate Same

    by jcowgar ST2 149 Installs
    A plugin for Sublime that will duplicate what is the same between the previous two lines
  • Dumbest Ipsum

    by Victor Laerte 149 Installs
    Bundle with TrumpIsum + DilmesIpsum
  • D-Laravel alias

    by DevinY ST3 OS XLinux 149 Installs
    D-Laravel alias for Sublime3
  • SublimeLinter-contrib-terraform

    by patrickrgaffney ST3 148 Installs
    This linter plugin for SublimeLinter provides an interface to Terraform validate
  • Hacknet Snippet Tools

    by CNIAngel 148 Installs
    This Sublime Text 3 package is made to help out people who are just starting or are already in the process of making their Hacknet Extentions.
  • XpressEngine

    by bnu 148 Installs
    XpressEngine Snippets for Sublime Text
  • KIXtart

    by vipex 148 Installs
    KIXstart language definition for TextMate and Sublime Text
  • Tup

    by petervaro 148 Installs
    Tupfile and *.tup tmLanguage syntax definition
  • JCommander

    by zanuka 147 Installs
    JunoCommander is a Sublime Text package tailor-made for max productivity in the Juno framework.
  • Hologram Doc Snippet

    by rishabhsrao 147 Installs
    A short snippet for adding a Hologram documentation comment block in Sublime Text.
  • NestedSnippet

    by shagabutdinov 147 Installs
    Nest snippets in your source code
  • Liberty

    by mtmoreira 147 Installs
    Syntax highlight for Open Liberty Format in Sublime Text
  • PlasticSCM

    by ccll ST3 146 Installs
    PlasticSCM plugin for Sublime Text 3