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  • Better JavaScript

    by int3h 28K Installs
    Fixes to Sublime Text's JavaScript symbol list
  • RegReplace

    by facelessuser 28K Installs
    Simple find and replace sequencer plugin for Sublime Text http://facelessuser.github.io/RegReplace/
  • ChangeQuotes

    by Colin T.A. Gray (colinta) 28K Installs
    Converts single to double or double to single quotes. Attempts to preserve correct escaping, though this could be improved I'm sure.
  • ES6-Toolkit

    by Stephn-R 28K Installs
    A toolkit containing various commands and snippets for using ES6 today
  • WordPress Developer Resources

    by tripflex 28K Installs
    Sublime Text 2/3 Plugin to search the new Wordpress Developer Resources (developer.wordpress.org)
  • Django

    by mattseymour 28K Installs
    Snippets for django based projects
  • Github Color Theme

    by AlexanderEkdahl 27K Installs
    Similar syntax highlighting to GitHub
  • FileHeader

    by shiyanhui 27K Installs
    A powerful file templating plugin for Sublime Text
  • Emacs Pro Essentials

    by sublime-emacs 27K Installs
    Emacs Pro Essentials brings the most common emacs features and key bindings that you love to Sublime Text. The kill and mark rings, i-search, registers, numeric arguments, and cursor motion commands for chars/words/lines/s-expressions are all there and multi-cursor enhanced! Also, improved switch to buffer and zap/jump to char/string, and more!
  • tern_for_sublime

    by ternjs 27K Installs
    Sublime Text package adding Tern support
  • Markmon real-time markdown preview

    by yyjhao ST3 27K Installs
    A simple Sublime Text package for real-time preview of markdown files with markmon.
  • CSS Colors

    by idleberg 27K Installs
    CSS color completions for Sublime Text, supporting a variety of color systems
  • ConvertChineseCharacters

    by thunkli ST3 27K Installs
    Plugin for Sublime text 3 for convert chinese characters.
  • C99

    by noct 27K Installs
    Replacement self-contained C99 syntax definition for Sublime Text
  • Puppet

    by russCloak 27K Installs
    Puppet (puppetlabs.com) highlighting, snippets and completion for Sublime Text 2 or 3
  • SublimeLinter-javac

    by SublimeLinter ST3 27K Installs
    SublimeLinter 3 plugin for Java, using javac -Xlint.
  • Ngx HTML

    by princemaple ST3 27K Installs
    Ngx (Angular2+) HTML Syntax for SublimeText
  • CodeIgniter 2 ModelController

    by todorowww 27K Installs
    Sublime Text 2 Snippet enabling fast creation of CodeIgniter 2 Controllers and Models
  • FuzzyFilePath

    by sagold 27K Installs
    Autocomplete relative or absolute file paths in Sublime Text project folder
  • Auto Close HTML Tags

    by sh4nks 26K Installs
    A simple Sublime Text Plugin that auto closes HTML tags right after '>'.
  • Clang Format

    by rosshemsley ST3 26K Installs
    A C++ code formatter based on Clang Format, for beautiful code with minimal effort in Sublime Text 3
  • SideBarTools

    by braver ST3 26K Installs
    Duplicate files and copy paths from the Side Bar in Sublime Text 3
  • ERB Snippets

    by matthewrobertson 26K Installs
    A collection of sublime text snippets useful for coding ERB templates
  • SublimeGDB

    by quarnster 26K Installs
    GDB integration with Sublime Text 2
  • Ionic Framework Snippets

    by imsingh 26K Installs
    This is a simple plugin for sublime text 3 for development of Mobile Apps with Ionic Framework.