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  • Pipe Dream

    by billymoon ST2 146 Installs
    Pipe Dream plugin for Sublime Text 2 - Pipes selected text through shell commands
  • OpenLastRPT

    by jonpas 145 Installs
    Open Last RPT (Arma log) file plugin for Sublime Text 2/3
  • QuickPuTTY

    by npanuhin ST3 WinLinux 145 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 plugin for quick access to PuTTY SSH sessions
  • Ancient Pond

    by somelun 145 Installs
    Dark color scheme for Sublime Text 3
  • Cowsay

    by adamchainz 145 Installs
    ✏️🐮 A silly little Sublime Text plugin for 2 and 3 to allow you to quickly convert a text selection to a cow speech bubble via the brilliant cowsay utility.
  • LC2200 Assembly

    by driazati 145 Installs
    sublime text syntax highlighting for LC-2200 for gatech CS-2200
  • Open in Thunar

    by kernelp4nic Linux 144 Installs
    Sublime Text plugin to open files in Thunar (default file manager for xfce)
  • IMSwitchForVintage

    by zhongxingdou Mac 144 Installs
    auto switch input method to U.S. for vintage command mode in sublime text
  • GM Syntax

    by andyp123 144 Installs
    GameMonkey Syntax for Sublime Text
  • SwitchPanel

    by stoivo 144 Installs
    Switch which ouput panel to display
  • JRubyFX

    by edubkendo ST2 143 Installs
    Basic syntax highlighting for FXML and tools for working with JRubyFX
  • Sphinx Ref Helper

    by intelkevinputnam ST3 142 Installs
    Plugin for Sublime Text 3 that searches all docs in folder for Sphinx references and auto generates :ref:`` in current doc
  • Quake3 Script

    by isRyven 142 Installs
    Quake3 script and shader syntax highlighting for Sublime Text
  • Qiita for Sublime

    by blueplanet ST3 142 Installs
    Qiita for SublimeText
  • Atlantis VIP Language

    by dziaineka ST3 141 Installs
    snipets, highlighting and everything for atlantis vip source reading and editing with sublime text
  • Alive Snippets

    by Alive Vietnam WinMac 141 Installs
    Snippets for Alive Vietnam
  • Axios Snippets

    by cvhau 140 Installs
    A collections of [axios](https://github.com/axios/axios) API snippets for [Sublime Text](http://www.sublimetext.com)
  • xmake

    by xmake-io 140 Installs
    🍔 A XMake integration in Sublime Text
  • Fex

    by hwangzhiming 140 Installs
    Fex Plugin for Sublime Text 2
  • Cup

    by alin23 ST3 140 Installs
    A Sublime Text 3 plugin to enhance your CoffeeScript 2 experience
  • CiteTeX

    by Alexander K. ST3 140 Installs
    A sublime text plugin to add citation and reference assistance.
  • BuildX

    by cj1128 ST3 139 Installs
    🎉 View sublime build output side by side with color!
  • Cortex

    by cortoproject 138 Installs
    Cortex support for Sublime Text

    by ofekih ST3 138 Installs
    A LOLCODE sublimetext 3 package
  • RhetosDSL

    by Hugibeer 138 Installs
    Rhetos DSL syntax support for Sublime text