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    by ahmedhassan-eng 89 Installs
    OSEK Implementation Language (OIL) Syntax for Sublime Text
  • JoinChainCall

    by shagabutdinov 89 Installs
    Automation for joining/unjoining chain calls
  • PogoScript

    by featurist 89 Installs
    PogoScript support for TextMate
  • Project Runner

    by andrew4699 Win 89 Installs
    Utility for running programs (i.e. starting a Node server) when switching Sublime Text projects
  • Z80 Assembly (RGBDS)

    by shinmai ST3 88 Installs
    RGBDS-flavoured Z80 Assembly syntax definitions for Sublime Text
  • jrnl

    by fk128 88 Installs
    No description provided
  • SwitchPanel

    by stoivo 88 Installs
    Switch which ouput panel to display
  • HBH-Translator

    by hbh112233abc ST3 88 Installs
    a sublime text3 translate plugin
  • EasyOpen

    by eiji.ienaga ST2 OS X 88 Installs
    Easy Open file helper tool. mac only
  • Redmine Pastie

    by benoitduval ST3 88 Installs
    Paste code to your Redmine Pastie plugin
  • Subpry

    by harizibarak 87 Installs
    Pry plugin for Sublime
  • XLI Template Converter

    by apex2060 ST2 87 Installs
    Agilix now provides you with templates - which you can manipulate and override. You can use this plugin for sublimetext which will compile and de-compile any templates so you can easily modify and override existing templates.
  • Pine

    by gerardroche ST3 87 Installs
    A Pine programming language syntax for Sublime Text.
  • Witness color scheme

    by Ryan McQuen ST3 87 Installs
    An approximation of Jonathan Blow's Emacs color scheme for Sublime Text.
  • LPC

    by abathur ST3 87 Installs
    Sublime syntax highlighting support for LDMud / LPC (Lars Pensjö C)
  • Witch Hazel

    by theacodes 87 Installs
    Witch Hazel color scheme package for Sublime Text
  • Split To Buffer

    by berendbaas ST2 86 Installs
    Very simple plugin that takes the selected regions in a file and pastes them in individual new files.
  • QLSyntax

    by EdoDodo ST3 86 Installs
    Syntax plugin for QL in Sublime Text 3
  • Z

    by externl 85 Installs
    Z directory jumping for Sublime Text
  • WhizzML

    by whizzml ST3 85 Installs
    Sublime Package for WhizzML
  • Subtitle Sync

    by apiad ST2 84 Installs
    A tiny plugin for changing sync of subtitle files in Sublime Text
  • JsModules

    by luwes 84 Installs
    JsModules is a Sublime Text Plug-in to convert CJS modules to ES modules.
  • HgCommitMsg

    by tylorr OS XLinux 84 Installs
    Sublime Text plugin "hg_commit_msg plugin": shows the hg commit history for one or more lines of code.
  • Vray

    by Aloiseau 83 Installs
    Vrscene Syntax highlighter and Auto-Completion for Sublime Text
  • RamdaDocs

    by Bijoy Thomas ST3 83 Installs
    Pull up Ramda docs from within ST3