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  • DarkLime Color Scheme

    by mmkjony 7K Installs
    DarkLime is dark color scheme for Sublime Text. This color scheme will make your codes easy for your eyes to read.
  • MarkdownComplements

    by junShimoji 7K Installs
    Markdown complements for sublime text 3
  • Aurora Color Scheme

    by expalmer 7K Installs
    Aurora Theme for Sublime Text
  • PyDOC

    by chrissimpkins 7K Installs
    A Sublime Text plugin that supports Python 2/3 & select Python package documentation search from selections in the editor
  • EML (E-Mail)

    by Mario Zaizar 7K Installs
    Email syntax highlighting for Text Mate editor made by @mariozaizar
  • Hide Menu

    by p3lim 7K Installs
    Sublime Text - Hide the menu
  • Ada

    by mulander 7K Installs
    TextMate support for Ada
  • ProjectMaker

    by bit101 7K Installs
    A Sublime Text 2/3 plugin to allow creating any kind of project from your own custom templates
  • StataEditor

    by mattiasnordin ST3 Win 7K Installs
    Stata Editor for Sublime Text 3
  • SerializedDataConverter

    by facelessuser ST3 7K Installs
    Convert between serialized data formats (plist | json | yaml)
  • Perforce

    by ericmartel 7K Installs
    Supports auto add and checkout with commands to add, checkout, delete, diff, rename, revert, diff using p4diff and lists all checked out files with quick access to them with simple changelist management
  • SublimeLinter-contrib-ruby-lint

    by jawshooah ST3 7K Installs
    SublimeLinter 3 plugin for Ruby, using ruby-lint
  • FileZilla

    by thecotne ST3 7K Installs
    sublime text FileZilla integration
  • TypeScript Compiler

    by drivo ST2 7K Installs
    TypeScript compiler package for Sublime Text 2. You can compile fragment or whole .ts file into a new plain JavaScipt. Developed for JavaScript prototyping in mind.
  • FileList

    by shagabutdinov 7K Installs
    API for manipualting lists of files
  • KWrite Color Scheme

    by daris 7K Installs
    Kwrite color scheme for Sublime Text 2
  • MikrotikScript

    by Kentzo 7K Installs
    Syntax highlighting and completions for the Mikrotik Scripting language for the Sublime Text editor
  • Lazy Backbone.js

    by pwhisenhunt 7K Installs
    Complete Backbone.js snippets for tab completion. @ Backbone.js version 1.0.0
  • MetaQuotes (MQL4) Language Package

    by currencysecrets 7K Installs
    MQL4 Snippets & Syntax for Sublime Text
  • CMakeBuilder

    by rwols ST3 7K Installs
    Configure, build and test a CMake project right from within Sublime Text 3.
  • AVR-ASM-Sublime

    by vyivanov 7K Installs
    AVR 8bit assembler syntax definition for ST2/ST3
  • ImprovedSQL

    by jbrooksuk 7K Installs
    An improved SQL.tmLanguage
  • Search Anywhere

    by ericmartel 7K Installs
    Utility to quickly search on multiple search engines from the current selection or custom input. Default search engine configurable per file type. Search Engines defined through JSON including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Stack Overflow, PHP.net, sitepoint and caniuse.com
  • Sencha

    by rdougan 7K Installs
    A Sublime Text bundle for Sencha Products
  • eco

    by davidjrice 7K Installs
    Syntax highlighting for Eco (Embedded CoffeeScript) Templates in Sublime Text 2