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  • Brittany

    by Elliot Marsden ST3 156 Installs
    Format Haskell with Brittany in SublimeText
  • PrintDebugger

    by futureprogrammer360 ST4 156 Installs
    ⌨ Sublime Text plugin for easy insertion of print/debug statements
  • UseStrict

    by phts ST3 155 Installs
    Package for Sublime Text 3. Insert "use strict" directive to the top of the file.
  • Redacted

    by kellygravelyn 155 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 plugin to hide characters in selections.
  • Z

    by externl 154 Installs
    Z directory jumping for Sublime Text
  • AutoIt Plys

    by NSUSpray ST3 154 Installs
    More powerful AutoIt language and Plys dialect package for Sublime Text (including context help and “goto” feature)
  • Cycle Setting

    by jmm ST2 154 Installs
    Adds a `cycle_setting` command to Sublime Text 2, complementing the built-in `set_setting` and `toggle_setting`.
  • XpressEngine

    by bnu 154 Installs
    XpressEngine Snippets for Sublime Text
  • Bunch

    by ttscoff Mac 153 Installs
    Bunch is a Mac automation app that runs on plain text files with the extension `.bunch`. It has its own "language", and this package provides syntax highlighting for Bunch files, as well as light/dark color schemes, snippets for common commands, and completion for app names.
  • EraBasic

    by Fegelein21 ST3 153 Installs
    EraBasic syntax package for Sublime Text 3. The syntax and keywords refer to Emuera Wiki
  • Detect Invalid Devangari

    by alchemi5t ST3 153 Installs
    Sublime plugin to detect invalid devanagari word constructs
  • BitcoinTicker

    by pheuter ST2 153 Installs
    Sublime Text 2 and 3 plugin that displays current Bitcoin exchange rate in status and converts arbitrary BTC values to USD
  • fibjs Completions

    by ngot 152 Installs
    The fibjs Sublime Text 2/3 Package provides code completion for fibjs.
  • Parallel Builder

    by GianlucaGuarini ST2 152 Installs
    Sublime Text2 Plugin - It allows you to run more than one build command in Parallel
  • Hogan Build

    by mtdb ST2 151 Installs
    Provides build systems for `.mustache` files. Requires hulk (via hogan.js) on OSX and Linux.
  • Parva Syntax

    by muskatel 151 Installs
    Parva language syntax recognition for Sublime Text
  • SmarterLineMoves

    by trych 151 Installs
    A Sublime Text package that overrides Sublime's default line swapping to work in a more predictable way
  • DrSync

    by Sirisak Lueangsaksri (spywhere) ST3 WinMac 151 Installs
    A Sublime Text's plugin for settings synchronization on cloud services
  • Fugly Syntax Highlight

    by diogomoretti 151 Installs
    Syntax highlight for .fugly files
  • Invader Zim Color Scheme

    by gnat ST4 151 Installs
    🛸 Dark Color Theme for Sublime Text 4
  • Duplicate Same

    by jcowgar ST2 150 Installs
    A plugin for Sublime that will duplicate what is the same between the previous two lines
  • Switch

    by robbl ST2 150 Installs
    A simple Sublime Text 2 plugin to switch segments of text with predefined replacements.
  • PogodaStatusBar

    by bolknote Mac 149 Installs
    Weather and Traffic Sublime Plugin
  • SSH-Panel

    by Haiquan ST3 WinLinux 149 Installs
    sublime text ssh远程文件编辑插件
  • RoRvsWild Color Schemes

    by BaseSecrete 149 Installs
    Accessible Textmate and Sublime text color schemes based on RoRvsWild colors.