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  • PHPUnit Completions

    by tkowalewski 47K Installs
    Autocomplete functionallity for PHPUnit assertions.
  • Theme - Numix

    by Osman Alperen Elhan 47K Installs
    Numix theme for Sublime Text 3
  • Laravel 4 Artisan

    by evgeny-golubev 47K Installs
    Sublime Text plugin for Laravel 4 Artisan and Jeffrey Way Generators
  • DocBlockr_Python

    by adambullmer ST3 47K Installs
    Sublime Text DocBlockr for python. Simplifies writing docstring comments in Python.
  • CSS Completions

    by daneden 47K Installs
    A more complete library of CSS completions for Sublime Text
  • Terraform

    by alexlouden 47K Installs
    Terraform (HCL) configuration file syntax highlighting for Sublime Text 2 and 3
  • EasyDiff

    by facelessuser ST3 47K Installs
    An intuitive context menu based diff plugin for Sublime Text http://facelessuser.github.io/EasyDiff/
  • TOML

    by jasonwilliams 46K Installs
    Sublime Text 2/3 syntax highlighting for .toml/.tml format
  • Theme - Asphalt

    by Orlmente ST3 46K Installs
    Minimal and flat dark UI for Sublime Text 3 + custom syntax highlighting Colour Scheme.
  • Bootstrap 4x Snippets

    by Proficient Designers ST3 46K Installs
    Bootstrap v4.4.1 Snippets
  • CSS3_Syntax

    by y0ssar1an ST2 46K Installs
    Sublime Text package for CSS3 syntax highlighting.
  • File Navigator

    by csch0 Trending 46K Installs
    File Navigator plugin for Sublime Text
  • Simple Print Function

    by svenax 46K Installs
    Simple print function for Sublime Text. Handles printing current file, selection, or clipboard.
  • LaTeX-cwl

    by csch0 46K Installs
    LaTeX cwl files for Sublime Text 2/3 with LaTeXing
  • Grunt

    by sptndc 46K Installs
    A Grunt task runner for Sublime Text
  • 2pdf

    by fraoustin ST2 45K Installs
    /!\ inactive /!\ plugin for sublime generate a pdf file for print
  • JavaScript Patterns

    by caiogondim 45K Installs
    :mortar_board: JavaScript Patterns snippets for Sublime Text
  • Clang Format

    by rosshemsley ST3 45K Installs
    A C++ code formatter based on Clang Format, for beautiful code with minimal effort in Sublime Text 3
  • Facebook Material Theme

    by ridewn ST3 45K Installs
    Material Theme, the most epic theme for Sublime Text 3 by Mattia Astorino
  • Neon Color Scheme

    by MattDMo 45K Installs
    A colorful bright-on-black color scheme for Sublime Text. Its aim is to make as many languages as possible look as good as possible. Includes extended support for Python, Ruby, Clojure, JavaScript/JSON, C/C++, diff, HTML/XML, Markdown, PHP, CSS/SCSS/SASS, GitGutter, Find In Files, PackageDev, Regex, SublimeLinter, and much more.
  • Simple FTP Deploy

    by HexRx ST3 Trending 45K Installs
    This package for Sublime Text 3 give you possibility to auto upload file to FTP server when you save local file.
  • JavaScript Refactor

    by s-a 45K Installs
    A Sublime Text Refactor Plugin for Javascript Code
  • YUI Compressor

    by leon 45K Installs
    Sublime Text 2 YUI-Compressor plugin
  • FileHeader

    by shiyanhui 45K Installs
    A powerful file templating plugin for Sublime Text
  • PHP MySQLi connection

    by misalazovic 44K Installs
    PHP MySQLi connection is a Sublime Text 2 snippet for fast creation of PHP MySQLi connection script