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  • CFDocs

    by mikesprague 277 Installs
    Sublime Text plugin allowing you to easily search the CFDocs documentation.
  • Notifications

    by thomscode ST3 275 Installs
    Sublime text plugin that uses terminal-notifier or subnotify for event notifications
  • microbit Build System

    by stefanbates 274 Installs
    A Sublime Text 3 build system plugin for flashing micropython programs to a BBC micro:bit
  • zoneinfo

    by gilmoreorless 273 Installs
    Sublime Text syntax highlighting for time zone database files (a.k.a. zoneinfo files)
  • colorToVal

    by yh418807968 273 Installs
  • OpenVPN

    by idleberg ST3 272 Installs
    Language support, snippets and build-system for OpenVPN configuration files
  • Carto

    by yohanboniface 272 Installs
    Carto syntax highlighter and autocompletion for Sublime Text editor
  • Filter Code

    by happyqingye 272 Installs
    Plugin for filter code repeatedly [ST3/ST2]
  • Google Scholar

    by SaudAljaloud 271 Installs
    This is a sublime package that provides a facility to interact with Google Scholar without leaving Sublime.
  • textract

    by germtb ST3 270 Installs
    Sublime package to extract variables or constants (javascript) and files (language agnostic).
  • SublimeLLDB

    by filcab ST2 Mac 269 Installs
    A plugin to debug programs in Sublime Text 2 using the LLDB debugger
  • Hexa

    by PeyTy ST3 269 Installs
    Syntax highlighting for Hexa
  • SLAX

    by dgjnpr 269 Installs
    Sublime Text 2 Package for SLAX language
  • Persistent Console

    by idleberg ST3 269 Installs
    Package that opens console whenever a new window or tab is opened
  • Match

    by li-vu 267 Installs
    Match - Emacs' occur-mode for Sublime Text
  • PasteAsString

    by MOM ST3 267 Installs
    It helps to insert some code as a string
  • Capo

    by kirillbuga ST3 267 Installs
    Keep all your subscribes together
  • MoonScript

    by ecornell ST2 266 Installs
    Sublime support for editing MoonScript souce files
  • Touch WSGI

    by Nalum 266 Installs
    Sublime-Text plugin to touch all WSGI files in currently open folders, in the current window, so you don't have to.
  • Dilmes Ipsum

    by Thiago Andrade 266 Installs
    Lorem Ipsum da Presidente Dilma
  • CoreBuilder

    by rodrigoangeline 266 Installs
    Sublime Text plugin for Omie CoreBuilder.
  • JCShell Tools

    by Michael Roy 266 Installs
    Language definition for NXP’s JCShell scripts on Sublime Text 2/3.
  • Darwin

    by kgori 264 Installs
    Darwin Syntax Highlighting for Sublime Text / TextMate
  • DXMate

    by jtowers ST3 263 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 plugin to provide integration with the Salesforce DX CLI
  • AutoCloseEmptyGroup

    by math2001 ST3 263 Installs
    A Sublime Text package to automatically close empty groups (panes)