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  • HackerRankHelper

    by Dinesh Kumar ST3 483 Installs
    Plugin To Compile, Check Status of Sample Test Case, and Submit Code to the HackerRank Server
  • TooltipLSL

    by Makopo ST3 482 Installs
    Provides SecondLife LSL and OpenSimulator OSSL API descriptions from kwdb database with the link to API reference wiki pages.
  • MagentoWorkflow

    by vovayatsyuk ST3 482 Installs
    Blazing fast Magento 2 development in SublimeText 3/4
  • AmnesiaIO

    by jolyongray 479 Installs
    Amnesia.io integration for Sublime Text 3
  • Entropy

    by demandware ST3 479 Installs
    The entropy repository has been moved. See README.md for more info
  • SPIP

    by phenix-factory 478 Installs
    Plugin Sublime Text 2/3 qui ajoute la syntaxe SPIP.
  • Custom Tasks

    by Eun ST2 478 Installs
    CustomTasks Plugin for Sublime Text
  • BetterSave

    by adrian-tut 478 Installs
    Sublime plugin to save all files with filenames that exist on disk, and close all files without valid files without saving
  • PasteWrap

    by daguej 478 Installs
    PasteWrap wraps your Sublime Text selection(s) with whatever is on the clipboard.
  • Coconut

    by evhub 477 Installs
    Coconut syntax highlighting for Sublime Text and VSCode.
  • MDN Search

    by jackfranklin ST2 476 Installs
    Search the MDN from within Sublime Text 2
  • P4Explorer

    by ymengesha ST3 Win 475 Installs
    A Sublime plugin for navigating through Perforce depot files.
  • Fancy Projects

    by Christopher Kaster ST2 475 Installs
    This plugin allows you to create any kind of project from your own custom templates.
  • Chick

    by Satoh-D ST3 474 Installs
    A Sublime Text 3 plugin for esa.io.
  • Wren

    by munificent 473 Installs
    A Sublime Package for the Wren programming language

    by Oldes 472 Installs
    Sublime Text package for REBOL (www.rebol.com)
  • MapPreview

    by doneill 472 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 Map Preview Plugin
  • Redlime

    by tosher ST3 472 Installs
    Redlime: Sublime text 3 Redmine manager
  • LightScript

    by lightscript ST3 471 Installs
    Syntax definitions for LightScript, based on babel-sublime.
  • LinkedData

    by blake-regalia ST3 471 Installs
    Complete high-res syntaxes for SPARQL 1.1, Turtle, TriG, N-Triples, N-Quads, Notation3 and ShExC
  • RiveScript

    by bakery 469 Installs
    Rivescript syntax definition for Sublime Text
  • RocketNative Snippets

    by Rocketseat 469 Installs
    [DEPRECATED] Rocketseat React Native snippets for Sublime Text Editor
  • Yeti_UX

    by ctf0 468 Installs
    Yeti Improved Scheme/Syntax-HL for ST
  • Octopress Snippets

    by yangsu 468 Installs
    Octopress Snippets for Sublime Text
  • FcitxInput

    by ubuntugege Linux 468 Installs
    Integrate Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Vietnamese input via fcitx on linux platform