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  • SwitchDictionary

    by Naereen ST3 MacLinux 695 Installs
    Tiny ST3 :memo: plug-in to easily switch :twisted_rightwards_arrows: between spell-check for French :fr: or English :gb:, and auto-detect the language
  • SublimeMagic

    by mreq 694 Installs
    A magic command for sublime. Manage multiple commands with the same hotkey based on advanced contexts.
  • C Base Converter

    by Daniel Connolly ST3 693 Installs
    ST3 plugin for quick conversion between binary, octal, decimal and hex integer literals in C and C++.
  • FramerCompletion

    by awt2542 692 Installs
    Autocompletion for Framer.js in Sublime Text 2
  • AmbientTalk 2

    by iTitou 687 Installs
    Sublime Text 3 package for AmbientTalk (forked from TextMate bundle)
  • PasteSelOnClick

    by Clams 687 Installs
    Paste current selection where the user click without erasing clipboard. 2 mouse-binding are provided : - alt+right click for cut and paste - alt+ctrl+right click for copy and paste
  • Kohana 3 Snippets

    by temperedvision 685 Installs
    Kohana 3 snippets for use in Sublime Text 2 & 3. Originally adapted from Textmate 2 Package (https://github.com/kohana/Kohana.tmbundle)
  • Toks

    by thomasthorsen ST3 684 Installs
    C/C++ source code navigation using toks (similar to CTags and Cscope)
  • Logger Snippets

    by ssrihari 682 Installs
    silly snippets to insert logging commands
  • Mybb Template Editor

    by ionutvmi ST3 681 Installs
    A simple sublime text 3 plugin that will allow you to edit mybb templates
  • OPM (Orbital Parameter Message) Syntax Highlighting

    by RazerM 680 Installs
    OPM (Orbital Parameter Message) syntax highlighting plugin for Sublime Text
  • Mongo Aggregate Snippets

    by kioyong 679 Installs
    Snippets for Aggregation Pipeline Operators
  • SPARQL Runner

    by hevp 679 Installs
    A Sublime Text 2/3 plugin to run SPARQL queries inside the editor. Now with authentication and parameter options.
  • ReadonlyMode

    by dongliu 676 Installs
    default readonly mode and toggle for sublime text
  • Find Yaml Anchor

    by Talkerbox 676 Installs
    This is repo for sublime-text plugin "Find Yaml Anchor"
  • Transpose Word

    by Jimbly 674 Installs
    Adds commands to explicitly transpose words or characters
  • CommentFold

    by mapsiter 673 Installs
    Gives an overview of your comments by folding all other code
  • Async Mindset Snippets

    by punkave 673 Installs
    nodejs async module snippets designed to improve your coding style
  • Python Path to Clipboard

    by Mimino666 672 Installs
    Copy the Python import path of the working file to clipboard. Plugin to Sublime Text 2.
  • BreakLines

    by Moojuiceman 670 Installs
    Add a newline every X lines within the selection/s (Keywords: break, group, split, separate, lines)
  • XMPFilter

    by kassi 670 Installs
    Integration of xmpfilter to sublime text 2 as a plugin.
  • TabTeleport

    by Farit Sadykov ST3 670 Installs
    TabTeleport is a plugin for the Sublime Text 3, which helps navigate between editor tabs without using a mouse.
  • Magma

    by cjdoris 669 Installs
    Magma language support for Sublime Text 3
  • SublimeAnarchyDebug

    by dunkelstern ST3 MacLinux 669 Installs
    LLDB Integration for Sublime Text 3 (Breakpoints, LLDB console, Backtrace view)
  • Map Snippets

    by newsroomdev 668 Installs
    A set of custom web mapping snippets for Sublime Text 2/3