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  • Package Control

    by Will Bond (wbond) 21.12M Installs
    The Sublime Text package manager
  • Emmet

    by emmetio ST3 5.53M Installs
    The essential toolkit for web-developers
  • SideBarEnhancements

    by titoBouzout ST3 2.66M Installs
    Enhancements to Sublime Text sidebar. Files and folders.
  • BracketHighlighter

    by facelessuser ST3 2.37M Installs
    Bracket and tag highlighter for Sublime Text
  • SublimeLinter

    by SublimeLinter 2.15M Installs
    The code linting framework for Sublime Text 3
  • SublimeCodeIntel

    by Kronuz 1.74M Installs
    Full-featured code intelligence and smart autocomplete engine
  • HTML5

    by mrmartineau 1.54M Installs
    HTML5 bundle for Sublime Text
  • AutoFileName

    by liamcain 1.42M Installs
    Sublime Text plugin that autocompletes filenames
  • Alignment

    by Will Bond (wbond) 1.40M Installs
    Easy alignment of multiple selections and multi-line selections
  • ColorPicker

    by Weslly H. 1.36M Installs
    A multi-platform color picker plugin
  • Sass

    by braver 1.21M Installs
    Sass and SCSS syntax for Sublime Text
  • Material Theme

    by equinusocio ST3 1.20M Installs
    Material Theme, the most epic theme for Sublime Text 3 by Mattia Astorino
  • HTML-CSS-JS Prettify

    by victorporof 1.19M Installs
    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, React/JSX and Vue code formatter for Sublime Text 2 and 3 via node.js
  • SublimeREPL

    by wuub 1.17M Installs
    SublimeREPL - run an interpreter inside ST2 (Clojure, CoffeeScript, F#, Groovy, Haskell, Lua, MozRepl, NodeJS, Python + virtualenv, R, Ruby, Scala...)
  • SFTP

    by Will Bond (wbond) 1.16M Installs
    Commercial SFTP/FTP plugin - upload, sync, browse, remote edit, diff and vcs integration
  • ConvertToUTF8

    by seanliang 1.15M Installs
    A Sublime Text 2 & 3 plugin for editing and saving files encoded in GBK, BIG5, EUC-KR, EUC-JP, Shift_JIS, etc.
  • Color Highlighter

    by Monnoroch 1.15M Installs
    ColorHighlighter - is a plugin for the Sublime text 2 and 3, which underlays selected hexadecimal colorcodes (like "#FFFFFF", "rgb(255,255,255)", "white", etc.) with their real color. Also, plugin adds color picker to easily modify colors. Documentation: https://monnoroch.github.io/ColorHighlighter.
  • DocBlockr

    by spadgos 1.15M Installs
    Simplifies writing DocBlock comments in Javascript, PHP, CoffeeScript, Actionscript, C & C++
  • jQuery

    by SublimeText 1.14M Installs
    Sublime Text package bundle for jQuery
  • Git

    by kemayo 1.14M Installs
    Plugin for some git integration into sublime text
  • A File Icon

    by ihodev, DeathAxe ST3 1.08M Installs
    Sublime Text File-Specific Icons for Improved Visual Grepping
  • All Autocomplete

    by alienhard 1.01M Installs
    Extend Sublime autocompletion to find matches in all open files of the current window
  • 1337 Color Scheme

    by MarkMichos 996K Installs
    1337 - A Color Scheme for dark Sublime Text
  • Emmet Css Snippets

    by P233 973K Installs
    Emmet CSS completions for Sublime Text
  • Pretty JSON

    by dzhibas 924K Installs
    Prettify/Minify/Query/Goto/Validate/Lint JSON plugin for Sublime Text 2 & 3